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A look back: Five highlights from 2021

Blog A look back: Five highlights from 2021

Year-end is the perfect time to look back and take stock. For all of us at Centreon, and we hope it was the same for you, clients, partners, and community members, 2021 did not disappoint. It brought rewarding challenges and new possibilities, and many new milestones were marked. So here are some of our year’s highlights and key learnings, a fertile ground for continued action and innovation in 2022.

 #1 Security — Securing the monitoring platform to keep intruders at bay

The year 2021 started with a bang. On February 15, the ANSSI, France’s national authority reporting to the General Secretary for Defence and National Security, published a report concerning a potential security issue in our free, open source monitoring software version, widely used around the world. The issue described by the ANSSI related strictly to improperly stored, outdated and unsupported open source software versions, the most recent of which was version 2.5.2. Introduced in November 2014, and no longer supported for over 5 years, this software version, according to the ANSSI’s report, had been deployed against best practices on unsecured, Internet facing servers and networks, by users the ANSSI did not name. A few weeks later, the ANSSI joined us in a webinar, so our community could benefit from their experience and expertise in terms of IT monitoring security.   

The key learning here is to use up to date, supported Centreon software versions, whether in a public or private organization. It’s also important to apply best practices and ensure all is done to implement solutions securely. If you need a refresher, here’s a guide to make sure your monitoring platform is secure.

#2 Green IT — Measuring and limiting the environmental footprint of technology

“Human use, population, and technology have reached that certain stage where mother Earth no longer accepts our presence with silence.” —The Dalai Lama

No need to attend COP26 in Glasgow earlier this year to realize that the digital assets we manage contribute to climate change. The world’s IT community must do its share for sustainable IT solutions that lessen GHG emissions. For us at Centreon, this also means helping our clients define the KPIs that will enable them to evaluate, report, and optimize energy consumption, using our monitoring platform’s advanced dashboard and reporting capabilities. Green IT is a key area for us to learn and innovate-well beyond 2021. Discover how IT monitoring can be leveraged to manage the environmental impact of digital technologies in this Q&A with our leadership team.

#3 Partnership — Providing the best Centreon expertise, wherever our clients are

A global pandemic is forever changing how we work, how we manage IT environments, and how we monitor them. Recent research showed that 89% of CIOs place monitoring in their list of priorities for investment, but 59% of them are also dissatisfied with their legacy solutions. The accelerating demand for the replacement of obsolete solutions in organizations worldwide makes it even more crucial for us to build a strong and global network of partners.

Our partners ensure the efficient and secure implementation or extension of your monitoring solution, according to the latest best practices. We support our partners with training and expertise. With a certified partner, you’re sure to get maximum value out of your Centreon solution. This year, our partner network welcomed 32 new IT monitoring experts worldwide. Find a Centreon partner near you or become a partner.

#4 The Watch — Finding strength in community

Open source is in Centreon’s DNA and as such, we could always count on an extended user community. Over the years, our community has thrived, so much that it was time to create and provide you with a dedicated, central space for mingling with other users and with the Centreon team. Hence was born this year The Watch, a new platform for our community to find help, access a common knowledge base, network, and learn from the experience of others. Driven by our objective to promote interactions among Centreon clients and users, The Watch offers an immersive community experience. Learn more on The Watch—and become a Watcher today if you haven’t yet discovered this new collaborative space.

#5 Cloud First — Taking the leap to a full-cloud offering

The year ended on a high note, with Centreon announcing it was introducing a full SaaS IT monitoring platform in 2022—Centreon Cloud is currently available in beta. Organizations that select Centreon Cloud will benefit from all the innovations offered by Centreon, without having to worry about updates.


It was great to have you around in 2021

A lesson we learned long ago, and which remains true year after year, is that the success of a software company such as Centreon rests foremost with you, our partners, clients, open source community members, and other contributors. In 2022, we look forward to continuing to grow at your side and help you meet the great challenges of digital transformation and IT monitoring. See you next year 🙂


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