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Master IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Cover all the bases of monitoring IT infrastructure with your Centreon solution


Why take it?

To become Centreon OS proficient

  • Deploy and manage your Centreon monitoring platform from end to end
  • Become self-sufficient operating and managing the solution


What will be covered

  • Centreon objects
  • Dashboards
  • Widgets
  • Plugin Packs
  • Architecture
  • Advanced functionalities
  • Storage and backups
  • Handling incidents
  • Best practices and more!

Who should take it

  • Operators, administrators, systems engineers
  • Anyone that stands to benefit from mastering the Centreon platform

How you will learn

  • 100% eLearning: 45 days of self-paced eLearning using a fully equipped virtual Centreon platform, videos, tutorials and quizzes, coupled with a dedicated coach
  • Blended Learning:
    • 45 days of self-paced eLearning (fully equipped virtual Centreon platform, videos, tutorials, and quizzes) coupled with a dedicated coach
    • 3 days of classroom training with a Centreon expert for practical exercises and Q&As


  • 100% eLearning: Fill in the contact form to request a quote
  • Blended Learning : Check the planning on the third tab, then contact us.
  • On-premise sessions : Please contact us to schedule.


    • »Defining Centreon objects
    • »Understanding and using Centreon templates and macros
    • »Creating and monitoring objects
    • »Regrouping and categorizing objects


    • »Using widgets and creating a dashboard
    • »Using Centreon EPP
    • »Using event dashboards
    • »Viewing status history and objects with event logs
    • »Taking action: downtime, acknowledgements and submission of results
    • »Analyzing through measurement and performance graphs


    • »Knowing, understanding and operating Centreon: the different architectures and software layers, data collection, etc.
    • »Maintaining and optimizing the Centreon platform (backup, storage, scheduling)
    • »Building and upgrading your monitoring infrastructure (pollers, remote servers)
    • »Regrouping and categorizing data

Troubleshouting & Diagnosis

    • »Understanding logs: distributed architecture, broker, engine
    • »Plugins: command line test, modify, manage and diagnose errors at checkpoints
    • »Managing notifications: process, configuration
    • »Exploiting and interfacing: CLAPI, API rest, stream connector, open tickets, LDAD

Pre-requisite: eLearning program to be completed before the On-site course.


On-site course – 3 days Location Language
February 8-10 Paris & Toulouse French
March 22-24 Paris & Toulouse French
May 17-19 Paris & Toulouse French
July 5-7 Paris & Toulouse French
September 6-8 Paris & Toulouse French
October 11-13 Paris & Toulouse French
November 15-17 Paris & Toulouse French
December 13-15 Paris & Toulouse French

Training request


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