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LEAD Business

Leverage Business-Aware IT Monitoring

Build insightful dashboards and reports on critical infrastructure and applications for business-aware monitoring that correlates IT with business performance indicators.


Why take it?

To implement business-aware IT monitoring capabilities

  • Correlate your business applications with your infrastructure
  • Get and share real-time information using dashboards
  • Plan and manage with Centreon Business Edition analytics reports


What will be covered

  • Handle monitoring with Plugin Packs
  • Modelizing business applications
  • Creating customized dashboards
  • Generating performance and availability reports
  • Integrated use of all Centreon Business Edition modules
  • Best practices and more

Who should take it

  • Applications managers, administrators, systems engineers, monitoring managers
  • AAny profile looking for Centreon Business Edition proficiency.

How you will learn

  • 100% eLearning: 30 days of self-paced eLearning using a fully equipped virtual machine, tutorials and quizzes, coupled with a dedicated coach
  • Blended Learning:
    • 30 days of self-paced eLearning using a fully equipped virtual machine, tutorials and quizzes, coupled with a dedicated coach
    • 3 days of classroom training with a Centreon expert for practical exercises and Q&As


  • 100% eLearning: Fill in the contact form to request a quote
  • Blended Learning : Check the planning on the third tab, then contact us.
  • On-premise sessions : Please contact us to schedule.

Deploy and Organize Monitoring

    • »Monitoring a system: hardware, applications
    • »Labelling and organizing: groups and categories

Identify Strategic Indicators (KPIs)

    • »Differentiating measurement and service levels
    • »Understanding which indicators are KPIs
    • »Understanding technical applications
    • »Organizing application monitoring for optimal rendering for each module

Transform your metrics into applications, dashboards and reports

    • »Creating applications
    • »Knowing which objects to use in dashboards
    • »Tailoring applications for the target audience
    • »Thinking cross-functionally about the application through Centreon Business Edition functionality
    • »Understanding user profiles, levels of information, etc.
    • »Designing a map using the developer’s good practices
    • »Sharing results
Pre-requisite: eLearning program to be completed before the On-site course.


On-site course – 3 days Location Language
February 1-3 Paris & Toulouse French
April 12-14 Paris & Toulouse French
June 7-9 Paris & Toulouse French
September 27-29 Paris & Toulouse French
December 6-8 Paris & Toulouse French

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