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Telkea relies on a single Centreon MSP console to monitor IT performance-theirs and their clients’

Blog Telkea relies on a single Centreon MSP console to monitor IT performance-theirs and their clients’

Reporting is essential because it provides accurate information on the availability and capacity of systems and network infrastructure, which define performance, and therefore SLA compliance. We chose Centreon as our single monitoring console. The solution enables us to generate IT and business dashboards and reports, tailor-made for our clients.”

David Klancar – Managed Services Team Leader & Cloud Officer


The project in a nutshell: A single tool for monitoring infrastructure and business KPIs

Strategic objectives: Guarantee SLAs through accurate reporting

  • Ensure the constant availability of the company’s IT and telecom offerings.
  • Increase the monitoring scope and monitor all available equipment.
  • Manage remote monitoring of client environments.
  • Develop tailored monitoring strategies for each client.

IT objectives: Centralize monitoring on a single platform to leverage in-house expertise

  • Use one solution capable of monitoring both the company’s and clients’ IT systems.
  • Monitor capacity and availability to demonstrate SLA compliance.
  • Generate customized reports instantly.
  • Tap the best of in-house expertise gathered around a single monitoring solution.

The solution: Centreon MSP Edition

Key benefits: One platform, limitless monitoring and customizations

  • A high level of expertise supported by a single solution, capable of meeting all monitoring needs.
  • Superior responsiveness thanks to accelerated action and intuitive ergonomics.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities and business-specific views generated with service mapping functionalities.
  • Secure access to the monitoring platform for external partners.
  • Tailored solution for each client, leveraging Centreon’s connectivity.



Telkea Group, a soon-to-be centenarian, Luxembourg-based IT and telecom operator relies on the Centreon monitoring solution to manage IT and business performance and to monitor their own as well their clients’ IT environments.

Founded in 1929, Telkea provides IT and telecom solutions to organizations in Luxembourg and its greater region. The company serves principally SMEs and large enterprises in a range of industries: finance and insurance, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, services, and hospitality. It also serves the public and institutional sector. Telkea offers expertise in IT, telecom, cloud, building and network infrastructure security, web and application development, multimedia, workspace design (meetings, videoconferencing, etc.), and datacenters. The company also offers personalized client support through its approved training center, the Telkea Academy (

Telkea’s service portfolio includes a wide range of options, from data hosting to designing management solutions for the medical sector, from telephone call recording to the implementation of telecommunication solutions. In delivering its services, the company commits to IT availability and capacity levels, and thus needs a monitoring solution which can report accurate, personalized information to clients. As David Klancar, Managed Services Team Leader & Cloud Officer explains: “Reporting is an essential part of the monitoring system, as it provides accurate information on availability and capacity, which define performance and therefore SLA compliance. Our clients want information not only on the availability of their equipment, but also on how it’s being used. We could simply highlight a value, but graphics are more efficient. So that’s how we like to communicate with our clients.

In addition, Telkea’s clients have varying needs and require a tailored approach to their reporting and dashboards. Even when it comes to monitoring, customization is ingrained in the company’s service philosophy. To this end, it has developed unique expertise in the Centreon solution, which meets 1requirements for technological openness, simplicity, ergonomics, and efficiency. The managed services team provides IT users and clients with effective, personalized reporting to measure and control the availability and capacity of over 3,000 pieces of equipment, and the performance of Telkea’s own digital services and those of its clients.  “Centreon is a reliable, flexible and customizable monitoring platform that we know well. For us, Centreon is a logical choice.


The full story

Telkea Group, a near-centenarian Luxembourg-based IT and telecommunication operator relies on the Centreon monitoring solution to meet IT and business performance challenges, and to monitor both their own IT system and that of their clients. To achieve this, it has opted to develop a unique expertise based on the Centreon solution. The ITOps team thus provides IT users and clients with personalized, effective reporting to measure and manage the availability and capacity of over 3,000 pieces of equipment, the performance of Telkea’s digital services and those of clients, and guarantee compliance with SLAs.

Telkea Group: providing custom-made, global and cross-functional solutions

Founded in 1929, Telkea Group is one of Europe’s oldest IT and telecommunication players in Luxembourg and the greater region. The company employs 160 people across 3 divisions – Telkea Soft, Telkea ICT, and Telkea Telecom. The group integrates solutions for businesses of all sizes and activity sectors.

We deliver a wide variety of IT and telecommunication solutions, from data hosting to the design of medical solutions, to the recording of exchanges on a trading floor.  Centreon is an important tool for our own and our clients’ IT monitoring needs”

Strategic challenges: guaranteeing SLAs and providing clients with customized reporting

Telkea is committed to the availability and capacity of its IT system and makes the same commitment to clients for whom they manage IT services. To demonstrate this commitment, the company needs a solution enabling them to provide accurate, personalized information:

“Reporting is an essential part of the monitoring system, as it provides accurate information on availability and capacity, which define IT performance and therefore compliance with SLAs. Our clients want to access this information, and to know how equipment is being used. For example, we need to be able to measure the utilization rate of an Internet link. We could simply highlight a value, but the graphs accompanying the reports are more meaningful to the client. That’s why we prefer graphics.


In addition, Telkea’s clients have different needs and are looking for a tailored approach to their reporting and dashboards. Even when it comes to monitoring, customization remains Telkea’s trademark.

ITOM challenges: centralize monitoring and leverage in-house expertise based on a single solution

The stakes are high regarding monitoring, because Telkea’s teams need to ensure that the service provided is available and functions optimally.  Given the monitoring solution’s scope—Telkea’s IT estate as well as that of clients—the aim is to leverage a single platform and make available to all the in-house expertise developed around it.

“We monitor all types of equipment for clients mandating us with maintenance. It’s crucial for us to employ a single monitoring console and tap the collective expertise that enables us to deliver services to clients.”


Telkea also had to contend with a strong increase in the amount of equipment to monitor, compared to what it was 10 years ago, when the original Centreon solution was integrated.

“Originally, Centreon was implemented for our internal needs, which amounted to about 300 devices to monitor. Now, counting our clients’, we are monitoring over 3,000 devices.”


Internal users for the Centreon solution are mostly IT profiles, as well as support and technical teams. At our client sites, it’s mainly users with an IT profile who are managing monitoring, but for others, it’s Telkea’s staff that follows up on alerts.

“We are proficient with the Centreon solution, which is why we recommend it when our clients want to modernize their system, and this, no matter their size or activity sector.”

Results: A single monitoring solution to manage any IT environment–perfectly mastered

Over the past 10 years, the decision to choose Centreon has never disappointed. Telkea’s teams are still very appreciative of the solution and, above all, of its user-friendliness. The speed at which it processes information once the rules are in place is also unanimously valued. Filtering data is a breeze, and the entire reporting system is highly praised for generating technical and business views. The platform is designed to provide a total view: website, network, licenses, HTTPS certificates, and so on.

“What’s more important for the team is the ability to develop our own service checks and monitoring connectors, seamlessly. Centreon provides a framework, but there are no limits to customization. This allows us to meet the specific requirements of each client.”


On the technical side, the Telkea team uses reports generated by the Centreon platform. The solution enables easy and flexible deployment, with installation on different Linux versions, which is a real advantage. Another strength of the solution is its ability to connect and integrate with other tools.

“Centreon’s openness makes it easy to connect monitoring with other solutions, such as Elastic, VoIP solutions or Vmware.”


But what undoubtedly makes the difference are the possibilities offered by the Centreon solution for creating customized dashboards and reports:

“Reporting is important for our clients, as they want the business view, which is what service mapping business activities enable. We can provide clients with business insights that go beyond the more technical aspect of certain reports. This often includes data on equipment availability directly related to client focused KPIs. The Centreon MSP Edition is a real asset for gaining flexibility and better meeting client expectations.”


Telkea’s teams adapt to the business and challenges of each of their clients. For example, emergency call applications are hosted by Telkea. The teams can provide information to ensure that call management is operational. For example, for a multi-site client that has 40 Internet links, it’s easy to generate automatic monthly reports to monitor each link capacity and quality.

The solution can be customized with Telkea-made plugins to manage client equipment inventory or anticipate problems, for example.

“We have developed our own predictive approach, which enables us to track equipment behavior and be notified should there be abnormal patterns. Rather than just increasing alert thresholds, which can hinder responsiveness, we measure current behavior and compare the data with that of the last 30 days.”


More and more services are being integrated, and the Centreon solution adds value to client proposals because, as David Klancar points out:

“Monitoring must not be confused with reporting. Creating views and reporting are special, value-adding options to incorporate in client service offers.”


In this context Centreon plays an essential role in the Telkea Group’s strategy for meeting SLA requirements.


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