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IT Soluções uses Centreon to accelerate the digital journey for Brazilian enterprises

Blog IT Soluções uses Centreon to accelerate the digital journey for Brazilian enterprises

“With Centreon we help clients in so many ways—we help them make the most of their IT environment, we help them save time and money managing IT, and ultimately, we help them understand the value IT provides to the business.”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

The project in a nutshell

 ITS Soluções is a São Paulo, Brazil, IT service company founded in 2002 that supports the digital journey of mid to large sized enterprises across the country, delivering solutions that simplify and optimize the management of complex technological environments, tabling on best-of-breed products, integration, and automation. ITS Soluções found many use cases for Centreon, including monitoring their own and their clients’ IT infrastructure, their managed cloud offer, supporting their outsourced NOC service, and as a companion solution to their homegrown ITOps automation solution, PressPlay.

Business objective: Accelerate the digital journey

  • Bring Brazil-based businesses the means to accelerate their digital journey by removing technological and operational roadblocks.
  • Custom-build solutions from interoperable, best-of-breed products to enhance IT capabilities at the most affordable cost.
  • Optimize and automate IT processes to ensure effective operations.
  • Provide clients with a clear view of the value of IT on business.

ITOM objectives: Strengthen and optimize IT Operations

  • Move IT teams from operational to strategic tasks.
  • Reduce errors and downtime risks.
  • Manage resources more effectively and proactively.

The Centreon solution: Centreon MSP Edition. Main benefits:

  • Improved service level agreement compliance
  • Reduced risk for errors and downtime
  • Shortened MTTR
  • Resources optimization and savings
  • Stronger IT team engagement and collaboration
  • More insightful conversations on IT performance with clients
  • New value-added products and services at an affordable cost for clients

The full story

ITS Soluções is an IT service company aiming to facilitate innovation for enterprises throughout Brazil, delivering technological solutions and services that simplify and optimize the management of complex and constantly evolving IT environments. The company is based in São Paulo and was founded in 2002. Clients are mid to large sized organizations in sectors that depend on high availability, high performance IT infrastructure, such as public services, technology and telecommunications, banking and finance, retail, and manufacturing.

On top of providing managed services, ITS Soluções develops tailor-made, best-practice-based solutions designed to offer cost-effective access to innovation and IT performance, building modern IT capabilities through integration and automation. Their use of Centreon MSP fits within this context.

Centreon: A crucial and versatile part of the MSP toolbox

A long time Centreon Open Source user, ITS Soluções switched to Centreon MSP a few years ago which they leverage in multiple ways, from monitoring their own IT environment, including their managed cloud service infrastructure, Radar Cloud, to installing and deploying Centreon for clients, to supporting their outsourced NOC service, and finally, exploiting Centreon within their ITOps automation platform, PressPlay, as a trigger to launch automation scripts performing specific tasks.

“With Centreon, we cover a huge infrastructure, including storage, servers, virtualization, networks, hardware, the cloud. Most of ITS Soluções’ teams use Centreon, be it for troubleshooting, to manage cloud services, or to support IT operations.”  

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

Giancarlo provides more details on the range of use cases his organization found for their Centreon platform. “We use Centreon to monitor our own and our client’s digital environments. We unify the IT monitoring platform bringing teams to collaborate better and faster while reducing the number of IT monitoring tools needed, which translate into savings for clients. We also integrate IT monitoring with other ITOps tools, further optimizing and accelerating processes. Centreon is also a crucial part of our outsourced NOC—delivering the kind of advanced monitoring capabilities we need to ensure constant availability and performance of complex IT infrastructure, as well as report on the value IT is bringing to the business. We’ve also integrated Centreon to our automation product, PressPlay, as Centreon can be used to monitor for specific occurrences, generating alerts that will automatically trigger an action, such as restarting  services,  resetting queues, for example, or resolving known issues, which tend to be time-consuming tasks for support teams.”

Powering the NOC with robust infrastructure monitoring capabilities

ITS Soluções operates a network operation center (NOC) that runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year managing clients’ high availability IT environments. Thus, IT infrastructure monitoring never stops at ITS Soluções. Centreon is the platform from which teams can anticipate and prevent performance or availability issues and perform all necessary actions to ensure business essential IT infrastructure runs smoothly and optimally.

“Centreon is our platform of choice to monitor our clients’ infrastructure effectively. It’s the perfect platform to install and configure IT monitoring in a highly customized fashion for each client, while maintaining a common structure across accounts, adhering to best practices and to our own business objectives as an MSP.” 

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

The Centreon platform covers the monitoring of all possible infrastructure elements such as servers, storage, links, applications, databases, as well as networks and their devices. One of ITS Soluções’ strengths is that they constantly seek to optimize processes, ensuring clients investing in professional-grade IT infrastructure monitoring achieve full value, fast.

“Centreon instantly brings value with its many built-in capabilities that automate and accelerate access to monitoring insights. Easy to use Plugin Packs can be applied to automatically start monitoring any IT asset, and templates allow for one-click configuration of new elements. With Auto-Discovery, you immediately find new IT assets, and see the relation between them. Centreon will even automatically suggest thresholds,” says Giancarlo.

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

ITS Soluções’ clients can thus benefit from the full attention and availability of NOC teams in managing the important issues, those that translate into value for their business.

A monthly book that reports on IT performance

Centreon’s reporting and dashboarding capabilities are also called upon to deliver NOC clients a monthly book reporting on a wide range of performance indicators. “Not only do we report on SLAs, but we report on all aspects of IT health. The number of incidents, including those that were avoided through proactive support from our teams,” explains Giancarlo. “Through such communications, clients are enabled to understand how IT performance impacts business, and they can better plan innovation initiatives.

Unifying IT infrastructure monitoring client-side

ITS Soluçoes also deploys Centreon in clients’ environments. “We like that Centreon is fast to deploy and interconnects with other ITOps platforms. We often see that different teams within an organization will use different monitoring tools, and this goes against best practices, because it hampers effective collaboration in diagnosing and solving issues. Centreon is the platform of choice to centralize IT monitoring efforts and have teams work from a single source of truth,” says Giancarlo.

“Among the benefits of unifying and interconnecting IT infrastructure monitoring are improved IT service performance and availability, a shorter MTTR, and cost optimizations, which need to be taken into consideration to determine the real cost of infrastructure monitoring”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

Best-of-breed at a friendly cost

In Brazil, the custom is often to use a free solution to monitor IT infrastructure, but there’s a transition going on. Giancarlo explains:

“Businesses are starting to realize how complex and strategic IT infrastructure monitoring has become and they see that for free solutions to work well in the context of digital maturity, a lot of configuration work is required, continuously—and these are among the most important hidden costs of free IT infrastructure monitoring solutions.”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

ITS Soluções has the expertise and the capabilities to deliver and deploy Centreon platforms that are tailored to clients’ specific needs, providing enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring at a very competitive cost for Brazilian organizations. “Centreon is the ideal solution to integrate into a mix of client offers and services because it covers a large spectrum of needs and is affordable in the specific context of the Brazilian market, in which currency exchange rates can weigh in on technology acquisition costs,” explains Giancarlo.  

It is part of ITS Soluções’ mission to facilitate and accelerate access to innovation, including helping them use IT monitoring more strategically and cost effectively. Giancarlo advises: “This includes an integrated, unified IT monitoring platform. To do so, we maximize the use of Plugin Packs, monitoring any technology with just a click, Cisco, Amazon, for example.

“Time to monitoring is unbeatable with Centreon. This translates into savings as configuration and maintenance costs are not always considered when opting for a free solution”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

Extending IT monitoring to the managed cloud offer – reconciling the IT and business views

The MSP also provides a local cloud offer, Radar Cloud, a high availability, high performance network with multi-carrier links, which entails uninterrupted support and monitoring. ITS Soluções is also responsible for operating systems, databases and business applications administration, and customized backup and firewall policies for clients. This cloud environment is monitored with Centreon 24×7 and is based on service levels that are predetermined with each client.

“Here too, Centreon helps us provide the reports and dashboards that reconcile the IT vision with the business vision, so clients keep learning from the IT side of their business”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

Using Centreon as part of an ITOps automation platform

PressPlay is a suite of products designed by ITS Soluções to help organizations automate IT operations, it’s a local, effective, and more affordable solution than some brand names automation software available on the Brazilian market. With PressPlay, organizations reduce their overhead costs and let their IT teams become more proactive, focusing on digital transformation initiatives. In addition to automation software, PressPlay supports process mapping services, creates process automation, and integrates with other solutions, to enable chain automation. “Centreon is connected to this self-service platform: we use Centreon-generated alerts to trigger a remedial action within the automation platform: restarting  services,  resetting queues, or resolving known issues, and other such repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Such automation helps mitigate risk for organizations because it reduces errors, and therefore the risk of downtime. Automation is the future of IT service management, considering the high velocity of data to manage,” adds Giancarlo.

“We use Centreon to accelerate IT infrastructure management and to collaborate with our clients, giving them access to custom dashboards and KPIs that track IT service status and performance, from availability to user experience. We ensure our clients have essential insights at their fingertips to respond to any problem impeding business operations.”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

The benefits of accelerated, optimized processes

Applying the most up-to-date IT infrastructure monitoring practices, as the Centreon platform enables, returns a range of benefits. “The first benefit of an all-encompassing shared IT monitoring platform is speedier issue detection and resolution, and therefore improved overall availability and performance,” says Giancarlo. “Then, with integration and automation, you have teams that can focus on solving problems rather than accomplishing low-value, repetitive tasks, and in the context of our NOC center, support teams that are more attentive to client needs.

“Finally, deploying the best, most cost-effective solutions generate ROI in the longer term, because resources are used where they can have the most impact”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.

Looking forward: Leveraging Centreon’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities

As it continues to facilitate innovation and acceleration through automation, ITS Soluções will be looking to leverage Centreon AI and ML based-on functionalities more.

“Centreon artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will help us consolidate client support. We’ll help our clients understand the discreet patterns that indicate an issue is emerging, well before that issue is visible to them or to end users. Automation is the only way to master the sheer velocity of data IT infrastructure monitoring captures to provide always smarter insights into business performance”

Giancarlo Trentini
Sales director, ITS Soluções, and PressPlay co-founder.


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