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Insider’s View: Enhance your Teamwork within a React project with ESLint and Prettier

Introduction This article is for the developers in our community. Centreon’s own developer team is always looking to improve code quality, but above all productivity, so we can all focus on what makes coding interesting: ...

The Watch: A Community of Peers Awaits You

Centreon just launched a new place for its community, aptly called The Watch—and it’s where you want to be to keep in touch, network, learn, and share your knowledge on all things Centreon—whether you’re using ...

Insider’s View: How We Optimized Centreon Web

From the launch of Centreon 18.10 onwards, we started using the React JavaScript library in order to make our user interface more enjoyable and dynamic. We first redesigned the “Top Counters”, providing an overview of ...

How to quickly set up a Centreon 21.04 with Vagrant

Introduction As published on our blog, we are very happy to share with you the release of the latest Centreon 21.04 version. This is the third time that the Centreon team successfully released a new ...