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Centreon moves to Cloud-First and Continuous Delivery with new version 23.04

Newsroom Centreon moves to Cloud-First and Continuous Delivery with new version 23.04

With this new version, Centreon strengthens its SaaS deployment capabilities, AI-based predictive monitoring, and integrates a record number of ideas from its community. 

Paris, May 2, 2023 Centreon, the leader in digital performance monitoring, announces the immediate availability of its new version 23.04 for On-Premises and Cloud deployments, with a new AIOps extension, and Centreon Cloud available in all its commercial editions. This new version is also resolutely user-centric, thanks to the active contribution of the Centreon user community, The Watch.

Centreon keeps evolving its IT monitoring platform guided by a vision to provide deployment flexibility, extended visibility, and an optimized TCO for monitoring software. Centreon 23.04 features more cloud capabilities, extensions, and a range of community-inspired enhancements.

Centreon 23.04: a cloud-first platform

This new version 23.04 marks the complete availability of the Centreon platform in the cloud environment. Thus, the IT and Business editions of Centreon are now available for SaaS and on-premises deployment. New features and corrective maintenance are now offered in CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) mode and automatically updated by Centreon for users of Centreon Cloud, Centreon’s SaaS platform.

With Centreon Cloud, IT teams now enjoy complete visibility over cloud and non-cloud infrastructure and can truly align IT and business performance with even more ease, a faster time-to-market, an improved TCO, and an always up-to-date platform. Thus, IT teams can focus on their business and on creating value, rather than on managing an on-premises monitoring platform.

The Centreon Cloud Platform is available for deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure in Europe and North America.

Centreon 23.04: an open and extensible platform

Given Centreon’s open source core, openness and extensibility were always key product characteristics. Version 23.04 reinforces these qualities, with more monitoring connectors, integrations and extensions available.

A large number of monitoring connectors is one of the absolute key features expected from an advanced monitoring platform. With more than 700 no-code connectors available for the monitoring of cloud and non-cloud infrastructure, networks, servers, applications, and user experience, Centreon 23.04 further extends the monitoring scope. Such extended coverage makes it possible to let go of obsolete, too specific or too expensive tools, in favor of a more effective and unified IT monitoring platform.

A wealth of integrations is another key Centreon platform strength. To ensure seamless integration within the rest of the IT stack, and to provide the best possible TCO, Centreon 23.04 directly interfaces with a range of ITOps solutions such as Splunk, Elastic, Graylog, PagerDuty, and many others. In addition to offering superior flexibility in choosing data format and exchange methods, Centreon 23.04 now comes with ready to use no-code integrations.

Last but not least, Centreon 23.04 introduces an AIOps Extension, complementing its monitoring platform’s AIOps capabilities based on Centreon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. AI is a crucial component as today’s monitoring platforms must manage and correlate ever-increasing volumes of data and alerts.

Following the launch of the Centreon DEM extension, now is introduced the Centreon AIOps Extension, delivering additional predictive monitoring capabilities based on AI and ML technologies. This extension includes:

  • Anomaly Detection, now in General Availability (GA), allows users to eliminate fixed alert thresholds and leverage more accurate detection tailored to IT departments’ needs.
  • Predictive Capacity, available in Beta, enables much more precise and accurate capacity forecasts. Monitoring teams can now set a threshold and choose when they will be alerted, freeing up their time for more productivity.

With Centreon 23.04, incidents are detected and resolved more quickly while reducing false positives. Automation keeps maintenance and operating costs down, and allows monitoring teams to focus on higher value-adding tasks. Predictive Capacity also enables IT departments to engage in rightsizing initiatives, optimize spending and improve IT monitoring sustainability.

Centreon 23.04 : a community platform

Centreon’s success has always been based on involving the user community, whether open source or commercial edition users, in the continuous improvement of its solutions. The Watch, Centreon’s community platform launched in 2021, provides a space for the community to submit improvement suggestions through the “IDEAS” module, and thus directly contribute to the Centreon platform’s evolution roadmap.

In addition to online discussions, Centreon regularly hosts on-site participative workshops named “Centreon Product Connect,” during which The Watch community members are invited to discuss functionalities and future product orientations with the Centreon product team.

This version 23.04 delivers a dozen new features based on ideas submitted by the user community, among which:

  • Auto-Discovery: more configuration productivity (jobs duplication, automated plugins installation)
  • Packaged Connector Streams: even more seamless integration with solutions such as Splunk, Elastic, Graylog, PagerDuty and many other ITOps platforms.
  • Enhanced Custom Views: users can now customize their homepage and see the meta-service performance graph directly from their custom dashboards.
  • Centreon in German, now available thanks to the contribution of partners and users who translated the user interface.

I am very proud of the work achieved by the Centreon teams with the release of this new version 23.04. We are making progress in important directions, such as the cloud and artificial intelligence, as well as in innovating and meeting customer and partner needs. We are also making great strides in the continuous delivery of our new features, which is helping our customers improve service quality and reduce the monitoring TCO. Finally, contributions from our community The Watch have never been so important, which is a real satisfaction and a pledge of confidence towards our entire ecosystem,” said Julien Mathis, Centreon’s CEO.


Find detailed information on Centreon 23.04 here.



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