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The ITES Innovation Summit, an ITOM leaders’ meeting not to be missed

Blog The ITES Innovation Summit, an ITOM leaders’ meeting not to be missed

A regular of the annual French Club of infrastructure and operation leader’s convention (CRiP), Centreon is sponsoring the ITES Innovation Summit in Deauville (Normandy, France), on March 15-17, 2018. CRiP’s I&O members and solution providers will be participating in a program filled with the latest IT and I&O practices and upcoming trends.

The Centreon executive delegation comprising of Julien Mathis, our Co-Founder, and Marc-Antoine Hostier, our Chief Sales Officer, shares their expectations.

1- Why attend the annual ITES Innovation Summit?

Marc-Antoine Hostier: Attending the Summit is a great opportunity to renew ties with many of the ITOM leaders in our key customer accounts. As an IT monitoring software company, we have excellent relations with their technical teams. Now as IT monitoring becomes increasingly strategic, it’s no longer a concern just for the tech teams. I&O executives who are concerned by business performance understand the impact IT infrastructure monitoring can have. For this, the ITES event is obviously the place to be: it is a unique moment and place to talk with IT leaders and understand what they are living in their digital transformation.

2- What to expect from the discussions with the ITOM leaders and invited experts?

Julien Mathis: With the ITES Innovation Summit we will gain valuable insights that will help us understand the I&O evolution. We will get a chance to discuss with ITOM leaders about their current and future expectations and real-life challenges with regards to upcoming trends. I will be attending the containers management and DevOps workshops because IT automation practices and evolution have a direct impact on IT department business, process and team organization. As there is a direct link between IT monitoring and IT automation, I’m looking forward to discovering new perspectives on the subject.



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