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Insights Into What Customers Really Think About Centreon

Blog Insights Into What Customers Really Think About Centreon

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By Author Zisse Hanfling-Mueller

As a member of the IT Central Station team, Zisse applies the creative passions and organizational skills to the IT platform. With a degree in communications and graphic design, she enjoys working in the professional enterprise technology space.

In 2018, our team at IT Central Station reached out to Centreon customers with one goal: finding out what their real experience with Centreon has been.

IT Central Station, the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, is always on the hunt for user feedback that can help our growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies. Dubbed as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we have created a long-standing reputation of offering current information about enterprise technology solutions without vendor bias.

As we collected these reviews, we discovered that many of the Centreon users providing reviews highlighted similar features that contributed to their positive experiences with this IT monitoring tool. In this post, we highlight three of the most prevalent features that have come up in these Centreon reviews, which we hope will help others looking for honest, unbiased tech reviews in their market research.


Monitoring Business Intelligence

One major theme that comes up in Centreon’s reviews on IT Central Station is the importance of the MBI feature:

“The most important feature is that it permits us to receive alarms if there is an incident within the infrastructure. The feature I love the most is the reporting feature, the MBI (Monitoring Business Intelligence) which permits us to send advanced reports to our customers in PDF format or in Doc format. We also deploy Centreon Map which gives our customers intuitive views of their respective information systems.” – CEO & CTO at a tech services company

“We haven’t had any scalability issues with the monitoring solution part. But in terms of data, analysis, we have a very large amount of data, a big database. The MBI, the Monitoring Business Intelligence part is very important for that because we have limited data analysis, graphing, and reporting. With the new solution, we will have success with that. This improvement will enable a lot of functionality and features in terms of Big Data treatment.” – Guillain S., Solution Architect


Centreon’s scalability is another prominent attribute that comes up frequently in our user reviews:

“I find the product’s scalability to be one of the most valuable features since it allows us to add unlimited devices for monitoring and to set up additional polling servers without additional license cost or downtime in our monitoring.” – Jake L., Global Operations Center Lead at a logistics company with 10,000+ employees

“In terms of the scalability, so far it looks like it’s been doing well. We use the best practices that they send us…We have used it from the beginning, so I can’t really compare it to anything before. But when we first installed the UI, it allowed us to see the big picture, to understand what’s critical and what’s not critical, and to build more and more checks, more and more output, and more hosts for it. It’s scalable. Centreon allowed us to do it without having to look for another solution.” – Matan M., Project Manager

Data Visualization

Another topic that came up frequently in Centreon’s user reviews on IT Central Station is their data visualization feature, which is simple and straightforward to use:

“In terms of the data visualization features, since we’re not looking for anything too particular or too complex, it works for us. It’s very easy to find exactly what alerts you have. It’s very easy to filter by a specific alert. It’s very easy to search. It’s very easy to configure a specific relation between alerts, to see what’s good and what’s bad at a given place.” –  Project Manager, Cloud Services with 501-1,000 employees

“What I like most about Centreon is that it is very flexible and customizable, based on the user and/or business needs. Centreon is very flexible when it comes to monitoring parameters. We can use scripts found on the internet or scripts created by our infra/apps team. Also, the data visualization features are very simple and straightforward, yet very informative. Finally, it is very simple and user-friendly. It is easy to understand and to make your way around it.” – Global Operations Center Engineer at a logistics company with 1,001-5,000 employees

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