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Every month, Centreon extends its catalog of Plugin Packs and implements new connectors to allow you to connect your IT monitoring with ITOps tools. The result: more visibility and business observability capabilities.

We also offer enhancements and fixes on existing Plugin Packs.

Here is our latest news on your best allies: the Plugin Packs!

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New Plugin Packs available 

  • Microsoft Active Directory WSMAN & IIS Server WSMAN: In an effort to make the WSMan an alternative to using the NSClient++ Agent, we are extending Microsoft applications monitoring support using this protocol.
  • Azure Traffic Manager: Powered by a community contribution, anyone using this Azure service to load balance the DNS Traffic can now monitor it! 
  • Cambium ePMP SNMP: Monitor the antenna gain, license usage, and hardware indicators on Cambium networks ePMP devices.
  • Ceph RestAPI: Check OSD (Object Storage Daemons) and ensure all are participating! Also, discover pool storage utilization and I/O operations volume. 
  • HP StoreOnce 4.x RestAPI: A new Pack to support the latest firmware for StoreOnce as it comes with a different API. 
  • Libraesva SNMP: Monitoring email security gateway hardware is crucial. This new Pack now makes your life easier. 
  • Protocol WHOIS: Tracking domain response time and status over time and be alerted when it expires! So simple, thanks to the WHOIS protocol!


  • Centreon * Packs: Minor macro updates to make these Pack compliant with the upcoming Debian support. Also, better management of some edge cases about centengine and broker queues monitoring.
  • Amazon EFS: New host discovery rule. 
  • Azure Discover: Many Azure subscriptions? Tired of running a Discovery job for each one of them? Good news: We added a provider discovering all assets within all the subscriptions for a given tenant.
  • HP StoreOnce*: Because of the new Pack supporting StoreOnce 4.x branch, we deprecate the original one and create a new one explicitly specifying the 3.x branch support. Update your hosts with this new template.
  • Linux NRPE3: Add a new check to monitor your services’ systemd status.
  • Proxmox VE: New host discovery rule.
  • Raisecom: Add support for all Raisecom xPON series within the existing Pack.
  • Stormshield SNMP: Update the VPN checks to work with firmware > 4.0.2 and new thresholds options.


Enhancements impacting current configurations 

  • Dell N-Series SNMP: Thanks to our community, we identified that the legacy Dell N4000 Pack was compatible with all the Dell N-Series suites. To remove any doubts, we reworked the code and renamed the Pack. The original one will not benefit from any bug fixes or new checks.
  • Protocol TCP: When Ping is unavailable (firewall rule, ...), issuing a TCP check is an excellent alternative to know if a machine is Up. We had to rename modes and checks to have a Response-Time service that returns metrics similar to the check_icmp plugin. 


  • Amazon Backup Vault: Fix Job-Status command and add missing macros.
  • Amazon RDS: Support new attributes (db_name, id, name) in the host discovery provider.
  • Amazon EBS: Fix wrong mapper name and host template macros.
  • Azure App Service: Fix extra newlines in commands definition, causing failures during CLAPI import.
  • Azure Functions: Fix extra newlines in the definition of commands causing failures during CLAPI import.
  • Citrix Netscaler: vServer discovery rule wasn’t exported because of wrong Pack definition.
  • NtopNG RestAPI: Wrong *EXTRAOPTIONS macro name. 
  • OneAccess SNMP: Fix command options for interfaces check.
  • Ruckus Smartzone: Extra space in the access point check command might cause various problems.


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See you next month for more new features! 

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