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Distributor N4B Partners with Centreon to Help MSPs, Resellers and Integrators Accelerate Their Business

Newsroom Distributor N4B Partners with Centreon to Help MSPs, Resellers and Integrators Accelerate Their Business

Through this partnership, the Italian GDPR and IT solutions distributor provides new digital performance capabilities to support channel partners as they capture high value managed service opportunities and gain competitive advantage through advanced technology, AIOps.

Paris, July 7, 2023Centreon, the reference partner for digital performance monitoring and N4B, the Italian GDPR and IT solutions distributor announce their partnership. Founded in 2015, N4B adds value to MSPs, resellers, system integrators and for IT and GDPR consultants on issues relating to security and managed services. This partnership with Centreon is the latest step N4B is taking to help channel partners complete their journey towards high-value managed services, in an environment marked by rapid technological changes and competitive pressure. Through this alliance, N4B will be providing advanced digital performance monitoring capabilities, including automation and AIOps, which channel partners need to stay up to date, generate efficiencies, and create value for end customers, all factors that improve competitiveness.

The addition of Centreon products and expertise to the N4B portfolio will enhance the range of solutions and tools our customers need to support growing digital performance needs and in the process, increase business value for themselves and their clients,” says Alberto Ferretti, CEO, N4B.

We’re pleased to welcome N4B as a partner, and as Centreon’s first MSP distributor in Italy. N4B is a visionary in helping channel partners succeed through best-of-breed solutions that make them more competitive and attuned to end customers’ needs,” adds Massimiliano Faraon, Sales Manager for Italy at Centreon.

Growth Opportunities & Competitive Challenges

According to the 2023 EMEA TechTarget/Computer Weekly IT Priorities survey, 44% of organizations are expecting IT budgets to grow this year. Cloud and security investments are key priorities, with 44% of organizations declaring to be cloud-first, 63% naming security as a significant concern, 75% increasing automation, and 87% investing in hybrid work technologies. This presents huge opportunities for channel partners in Italy, but it also increases competitive pressure. Channel partners will need to prioritize their areas of focus and become more efficient if they want to capture their share of business.

The IT channel must be ready to face—and support—a major wave of technological changes, which in turn demands advanced digital performance monitoring capabilities. Centreon works with MSPs every day, across the globe, and we understand their needs, both in terms of providing the powerful monitoring and reporting tools that make them work smarter, but also in terms of scalability, future readiness, and the flexibility to add their own value and package the solution,” explains Marc Antoine Hostier, Centreon’s COO.

Our aim is to offer our customers the tools that will enable them to evolve their business and improve their competitiveness through, for example, virtualizing and automating their services and constantly enhancing service delivery. With our partner Centreon, we want to help them get more productive and compliant, streamline costs, and focus on growing their business,” adds Alberto Ferretti.

Managed services: The future of computing

Resellers are embracing the managed service model, which is the future of computing, according to Alberto Ferretti. “They want to transform their products into revenue-generating services. It’s more efficient for resellers to add value based on an existing, recognized platform, which once implemented, can be leveraged to market a service portfolio. This brings convenience and increased confidence for end clients.”

Channel partners in Italy serve mainly mid-sized businesses that are spread out geographically. A tool like Centreon MSP can make them more efficient in managing digital infrastructure health and IT service delivery, improve their ability to demonstrate SLA adherence, and significantly reduce the need to travel to customer sites. “Enhanced capabilities, such as integrating digital performance monitoring tools, automation, and AIOps not only effect a transition from hands-on to predictive performance monitoring but are essential for Italian channel partners to free up resources and concentrate on growing their business,” emphasizes Massimiliano Faraon.

More investment in security and GDPR-related skills and capabilities

The rapid evolution of cyber threats and the solutions needed to counter them requires continuous investment in new skills and capabilities. N4B provides IT security and GDPR-focused solutions, knowledge, technical training and pre-sales assistance, as well as consulting on business models for channel partners to build integrated solutions that combine security, GDPR compliance, and managed services capabilities. “The Centreon platform is a part of this portfolio, providing key insights on digital service health, on top of being a trusted solution, widely liked and used in Italy,” further explains Maurizio Bonnazzi, Business Development Specialist at N4B.

N4B chose Centreon because it is GDPR compliant, which is something other performance monitoring brands do not necessarily offer.  We also chose Centreon because it already solves many issues channel partners and their end-customers face or will soon be facing: from monitoring the performance of complex architecture, including cloud, SaaS, Kubernetes, containers, applications, traditional infrastructure to helping manage the deluge of data and making the business more observable. Centreon is the solution of the future,” concludes Alberto Ferretti.


About Centreon

A leader in digital performance monitoring, Centreon has been developing a unique expertise in monitoring infrastructure, networks, and digital user experience since 2005. A thousand clients—public organizations, enterprises, and MSPs worldwide, an extended network of 80 partners, and 250,000 users in 60 countries, count on Centreon every day. With a 160-people team working from five different countries, Centreon posts a 35% average yearly growth. For more information, visit


About N4B

A leading IT solution distributor in Italy, N4B is the ideal partner for IT channel partners looking to continuously grow their ability to provide technology solutions to their customers in the areas of cybersecurity, GDPR compliance, and IT management. N4B enables resellers, system integrators and GDPR consultants to capture the opportunities of managed services business models, including through marketing automation and content marketing skills building. N4B was founded in 2015 and has offices in Reggio Emilia and Milan. To learn more on N4B visit


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