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An Industry First: The Best of IT Monitoring Forever Free for Up to 100 Devices

Newsroom An Industry First: The Best of IT Monitoring Forever Free for Up to 100 Devices

Introducing the free trial that never expires: Centreon IT Edition for 100 IT assets provides unrestricted access to 400+ connectors enabling instant, enterprise-grade cloud-to-edge monitoring for all.


Toronto & Paris – May 19, 2020 – Centreon, a trusted business-aware IT monitoring provider for always-on operations and performance excellence is democratizing holistic, cloud-to-edge IT monitoring. The company is the first to offer a permanent free trial of its commercial platform, Centreon IT Edition, giving unlimited access to 400+ connectors and auto discovery engine for IT operations with 100 IT assets or less to monitor. Cloud-to-edge monitoring is now instantly available for businesses or system integrators dramatically shortening the path from discovery to monitoring. The free version of Centreon IT Edition can also be used to live test holistic monitoring before moving to the subscription-based Centreon IT Edition for an unlimited number of hosts or to the Centreon Business Edition for advanced service-mapping and analytics. Centreon IT Edition’ forever free trial can be downloaded here:

“IT architectures are evolving and so should the way they’re being managed and monitored,” says Julien Mathis, Co-Founder and CEO, Centreon Europe. “We’re the first IT monitoring platform to introduce forever free, simplified, enterprise-grade cloud-to-edge monitoring, and we’re doing it at a strategic time, when businesses are dealing with increased technological challenges and a post-pandemic environment that’s exerting extra pressure on IT infrastructure.”

Analysts have identified key trends* expected to reshape how IT services are being sourced, delivered or consumed in the 2020s, among them democratization of expertise, edge enablement and decentralization of IT. The Centreon IT Edition and its permanently free trial is at the forefront of these trends for modern IT infrastructure monitoring.

“With Centreon IT Edition, we’re empowering IT teams to implement and harness best-in-class, holistic monitoring, actionable from headquarters to remote sites or IoT, without the need to invest, code, or nurture in-house experts,” added Romain Le Merlus, Co-Founder and CEO, Centreon North America. “We make the best of IT monitoring available to all, period.”

Free trials typically expire after 30 days or less, but the free Centreon IT Edition removes that barrier to innovation, offering unprecedented flexibility and possibilities. The benefits of holistic IT monitoring, namely reduced time to monitoring, improved quality of IT service and overall enhanced organizational performance, are accessible to businesses of all sizes and means, including service providers.

Some use cases for the permanently free version of Centreon IT Edition include:

  • Accelerate the replacement of older solutions that are more expensive and do not allow modern, holistic IT monitoring.
  • Help IT teams to reduce the number of specialized IT Monitoring tools, by adopting one platform able to monitor from cloud to edge.
  • nable enterprise-grade IT monitoring in smaller ITOps that were too expensive to monitor.
  • Add value and build revenue streams for clients that could benefit from cloud-to-edge monitoring but that either need to be educated on ROI or have smaller perimeters (system integrators).
  • Live test holistic IT monitoring before deployment on a larger scale.
  • Permanently monitor small operations – for free, forever, for up to 100 IT assets.

More information on Centreon IT Edition and its forever free trial is available here: Video Introducing Centreon IT Edition – Blog What is Centreon IT Edition – Download

About Centreon

Centreon is a global provider of business-aware IT monitoring for always-on operations and performance excellence. The company’s AIOps-ready, business-aware IT monitoring platform is renowned for its unique ability to monitor today’s complex and converging infrastructures, from Cloud-to-Edge. Privately held, Centreon was founded in 2005 with roots in open source software. The company continues to steward a dynamic open source framework and a growing, vibrant global community of 200,000. Today, Centreon is trusted by organizations of all sizes across a wide range of public and private sectors. Its head offices are located in Paris and Toronto, with sales offices in Geneva, Luxembourg and Toulouse.

For more information, visit

* Gartner’s 2020 Strategic Technology Trends for Product Leaders, 30 March 2020 ID: G00464655.


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