Centreon 20.10 – Live session with the Product Experts


Understanding the full scope of the
Centreon Auto-Discovery Engine

The only way for IT Operations teams to cope with the daily rate of change is through a comprehensive suite of IT Automation tools and workflows. The latest software version 20.10 is a major milestone in the Centreon Auto-Discovery Engine development. Its goal is to automatically discover daily changes in the dynamic part of your IT infrastructure: Virtualization Clusters, Cloud assets, WiFi access points, SD-Wan endpoints, etc.

In this webinar Colin Gagnaire, Product Manager at Centreon, will deep dive into the full scope of the Centreon Auto-Discovery Engine, demonstrate its key functionalities, teach how to schedule Host and Service discovery and share any tips & tricks to make the best use of Centreon 20.10.

This webinar is your opportunity to interact with Centreon’s Product Team and learn how we’re building a best-in-class platform for Business-Aware, AIOps-ready IT Monitoring, from Cloud-to-Edge.

Date: 18 November, 2020
Time: 11am EST (Toronto) / 5pm CET (Paris)
Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A


Colin Gagnaire, Product Manager

Pierrick Martel, Product Marketing Manager


The quest for a fully automated Cloud-to-Edge monitoring solution

Deep dive into the Centreon Auto-Discovery Engine

Implementing Host discovery and Service discovery, step-by-step

Combining IT Automation with Auto-Discovery

Questions & Answers

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Understanding the full scope of the Centreon Auto-Discovery Engine

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