Centreon MAP

Actionable custom views for better-informed ITOM

Visually communicate in-depth performance and status information

Centreon MAP is the rich data mapping and visualization tool required of demanding ITOM administrators and devops.

While its visualization capabilities offer efficient graphic insights, it’s studio application delivers the real gem in mapping correlated data and customizing user-relevant views.



Instant top-down snapshots
for multi-level insights

Real-time operational alerts and performance status according to ACL-based authorization.


Extensive data mapping for custom real-time views

Analyzed information in drill-down tree structures (set of screens) by geography, network topology or asset, application, service, etc.


User-friendly visual communication

A multitude of graphic indicator representations (topology, graphs, bar charts, pie charts, gauges, sparklines, tables, etc.) leveraging a rich object palette.


Remote problem-resolution and management

Gives multi-site operation controls to intervene or troubleshoot from a distance.


Equipped for NOC
management and displays

Includes the ability to generate multiple views on a single control monitor, with view rotations of overall infrastructure, interconnections and applications.


Simplified implementation and mapping control

A result of systematic data synchronization with Centreon databases, making updates easy each time a monitored resource is added, modified or deleted.

Designed for web-based interoperability

Built-in web service (REST and SOAP) makes it easy to interconnect with other applications and devices as needed.

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