Centreon’s expertise services are designed to help you make the most of your supervision system and your investment.

Monitoring – the right way & right away

Deploying Centreon in a multi-system monitoring operation ? Migrating from Nagios® or similar open source tools? Need help with a PoC? Require a specific software extension?

Centreon ProServices (CPS) makes it our business to take away costly and time-consuming hassles so operational productivity and business efficiency don’t suffer.Services have been conceived by project or by day at highly affordable rates to accompany IT teams from day one of test installation to implementation, interoperability and operational performance.

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Getting started services give ITOM teams the needed boost to start monitoring on the right foot, helping users to properly implement a powerful and rich open source system others can only guess at.


Quickstart POC

A proof-of-concept is often a great way to start before rolling out an infrastructure-wide implementation.
Within 3 man-days, this service helps configure Centreon monitoring to run on a physical or virtual system.



Quickstart Installation

Whether it’s a standalone or distributed servers, Quickstart Installation delivers an operations ready monitoring platform in 5 man-days (depending on the number of servers and pollers instrumented).
Covers essential notifications and advanced configuration for monitoring up to 20 diverse IT domains plus best practice coaching and technical guides.
(central server & 1 poller/5000 services)



Quickstart Migration

Quickstart Migration helps transition smoothly to a Centreon monitoring system within 5 man-days (depending on the number of servers and pollers instrumented).
Migrates the ISO from any Nagios/CES server, including the transfer and functioning of objects, images, plugins, log history of 3 months and essential dependencies, best practice coaching and technical guides.(Nagios, CES – early versions)**



* Listed rates are based on services handled and delivered remotely from Centreon. Onsite customer assistance and service delivery rates depend on location and coverage.
** Host and service volume limits apply according to the system migrating from.

Operational performance services help keep monitoring running like a well-oiled machine for durable system performance. CPS can define the best scope of services in this category for a MRO contract (Maintain, Repair, Operate) that’s tailored to the required operational scale.

Operational Audit

Checks and evaluates system logs, performance metrics and settings of the intended Centreon system, reinstating reports of up to 120 check-points, with recommendations
to reduce crippling build-ups or bottlenecks.



Performance Tuning

Implements identified enhancements or improvements from the OA; and gets system performance into tip-top condition so monitoring won’t be a let-down over time.



Operational Updates

Ensures a fast and easy, no-risk update for any Centreon system. Nothing gets lost, stability is maintained and monitoring operations benefit from latest bug fixes and software improvements.
A CPS consultant can advise on the needed update.


Minor : €1,300*
Major : €2,700*

Special Operations Consulting (SOC)

Offers large and multi-site infrastructure operations a technical account manager (TAM) to cover: :
– 48 advisory hours a year,

– 2-day steering committee consultations per quarter to help evaluate strategic implications of their Centreon monitoring (e.g. periodical review of incidents against SLA, monitoring enhancements, architecture evolution, roadmap planning, review of contract commits, monitoring updates, reporting, etc.)
France, Monaco, Benelux uniquement



* Host and service volume limits apply according to the system migrating from.

On-demand CPS development and assistance are all about placing Centreon’s software expertise at the customers’ disposal to cater to specific technical requirements.

On-demand Plugin Pack Development

Development of a new or extended Centreon Plugin Pack, fully documented with a library of pre-configured scripts and service templates, and generation of the RPM package. Unlike Centreon plugins retrieved from GitHub, operational quality is assured through installation and testing on the intended infrastructure resource.
Up to 5 or 10 simple mode indicators. Values from SNMP protocol..


for max. 5
for max. 10

Other Examples of On-Demand Services

  • New report development or customization using Centreon MBI
  • Special feature add-on to Centreon platform (Engine, Broker or Web)
  • Custom user views, API for third party applications, widgets, etc.
  • Non-SNMP plugin pack development
  • Migration with special conditions (e.g. double-run process, proprietary monitoring tools)
  • Migration with special conditions (e.g. double-run process, proprietary monitoring tools)
  • Architecture consultation, ad-hoc technical assistance, training, etc. (by the day)

N.B. : For any specific needs, please contact us.

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* Host and service volume limits apply according to the system migrating from.