Centreon 19.10: Why it Matters to Me & What’s New?

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Centreon 19.10: Why it Matters to Me & What’s New?

Live Session
with Centreon’s Product Experts

Twice a year Centreon releases their latest software update, a unique opportunity for our Product Team to share with you the newest product features and perhaps more importantly, the rationale behind each of them.

During this webinar we’ll deep dive into the three key steps all organizations must follow to effectively monitor the business-critical IT Services running on their Hybrid Infrastructure, and how new features and enhancements in Centreon 19.10 facilitate each of these critical steps. We’ll also look at multiple product improvements and answer all your questions regarding this new release and what’s coming up next.

– 3 key steps for effective Business-Aware IT Monitoring
– Centreon 19.10 key features
– A stronger monitoring framework: product improvements
– Q&A session

This webinar is your opportunity to interact with Centreon’s Product Team and get answers to your most pressing questions.

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Centreon 19.10: why it matters to me & what’s new?

Thursday, November 14 – 11:00 AM ET
Duration: 30 min + Q&A Session

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