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Some topics covered in our free on-demand webinar collection:

  • Streamlining IT infrastructure monitoring processes
  • Unifying complex IT under a single-pane of glass
  • Monitoring from cloud to edge
  • Reducing your time to monitoring
  • Reducing your MTTR

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Ensuring Performance by Monitoring for User Experience

As users and customers spend their lives entangled in technology, what happens when the technology journey is boring, slow or fails? Ensuring critical business is not enough anymore. Today, bottom-line results depend on the quality of the user experience (QoE), are sales happening? Is there an issue in my . Measuring and monitoring that performance is mandatory to get a clear line of sight from the top of business-level down to the infrastructure – across all systems and locations.

Learn why Centreon and Accedian have teamed up to deliver a more holistic view of performance and end user QoE – including how end users experience their applications and services, as well as how the IT infrastructure supporting applications is functioning.

In this webinar, we'll explore:

  • What is monitoring for QoE?
  • A use case: Bordeaux Métropole (regional government of 750k citizens) and how they successfully measure User Experience with Centreon Business Edition and Accedian SkyLIGHT PVX.
  • How to reconcile IT metrics and KPIs with website and application KPIs.


Streamline your IT for Increased Agility

In organizations around the world, IT teams are innovating practices to collect crucial data, improve performance and experience, and provide a more agile, streamlined environment. However with higher business expectations, increased security and continuity processes, and aging tools, there are barriers in the path to a data-driven, agile business. Discover how you can streamline your IT and capture crucial data to continuously improve your business performance.

Enable your IT performance analysis with future-ready and AIOps-connected tools. If you’re under pressure to streamline IT, learn new strategies in this 35-minute webinar to:

  • Monitor everything - by unleashing the power of connection.
  • Build a bridge - between monitoring and service desk.
  • Automate IT operations - with a robust set of APIs.
  • Streamline your data - for predictive insights and informed decision-making.

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Unify your Distributed IT for Agile Insights and Visibility

All technical infrastructure. All sites. One tool. One IT access. Join us to learn the winning formula to manage your complex, hybrid infrastructure, whether located in one building, or scattered across sites, cities or countries. Ditch the silos and help your IT teams monitor the entire infrastructure from a single view– regardless of complexity, distance and/or scope. Join us to learn how Centreon can help future-proof your organization with increased agility, lightning-fast speed and substantial resilience.

This 45-minute webinar delivers winning IT operations strategies that help teams to:

  • Improve visibility to remote site technology
  • Solve remote issues quickly, without a service call
  • Drill down, scale up and see all services and assets in real-time
  • See how real-time data becomes increasingly accessible
  • Ensure continuity across infrastructure sites

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How to Easily Manage Your Hybrid IT: Connecting Legacy to the Cloud

Technology innovation is increasing rapidly creating opportunities for business and technology. But with so many new tools added to the pile and few technologies leaving the requirements, it's difficult to keep up. While faithful legacy infrastructure needs to maintain dominance in some sectors and practices, the additional bench assets increases complexity. Luckily, there’s an easy way to cut down on the complexity and barriers between conventional legacy hardware and the cloud and edge based systems teams require.

Through a hybrid monitoring approach, you can “virtualize” your legacy infrastructure, seamlessly connecting the old and the new, adding reliable IT performance metrics to boot.

This 45-minute webinar will deliver the clues to developing a hybrid management strategy that will helps teams to:

  • Improve visibility between cloud, edge and legacy tooling
  • Drill down, scale up and see all services and assets in real-time
  • Cut down on the complexity between hundreds of technologies
  • Integrate your hybrid grid quickly and seamlessly using plugin packs
  • Take advantage of turnkey and customizable dashboards

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Prevent IT Issues with Holistic Visibility Monitoring

While you’re working tirelessly to see your organization through the never ending journey to modern IT, you're hitting blind spots in your hybrid infrastructure. You’re not alone! Gartner says most IT teams share your pain. Teams are bogged down by a growing expanse of too many tools and no way to see from the cloud to the edge. Unconnected views mean slow or no service at all, admins racing and decision-makers left in the dark, unable to generate value for the business.

This 45-minute webinar will deliver the clues to developing strategies and processes that will rally your team around a single, sharable view of the IT system process, helping teams to:

  • Anticipate downtime
  • Cut down on the complexity
  • Stay true to SLAs
  • Improve accountability and clarify lines of responsibility
  • Focus on adding value to the system – not fixing it
  • Share actionable, growth feeding intel from the bottom up

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