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Fail Proof IT from COVID-19 Impacts with 26 Free Plugin Packs

Blog Fail Proof IT from COVID-19 Impacts with 26 Free Plugin Packs

What’s the story

This post explains the potential impacts of COVID-19 containment measures on your IT infrastructure and how to prevent the worst of it. As an exceptional measure, Centreon will provide free 26 plugin packs for you to monitor the infrastructure supporting a potential surge of demand for collaborative and remote work applications and equipment. Read this post for an overview of the risk and how to prevent them.

COVID-19 & your IT system

Call it the domino effect: efforts to contain the COVID-19 is shutting down countries, air travel, economies, and well, companies. Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, for example, are telling their employees to work for home. Today or tomorrow, your business may catch the trend. The question now is: can your IT infrastructure support the pressure of intensified remote work?

It’s a more complex issue than what first meets the eye because other COVID-19 by-products are at play:  a slumping economy and overall lower productivity. No one can afford to lose even more business due to faulty IT.

From cloud to edge: 26 essential Plugin Packs available for free

Centreon is taking extraordinary measures to help in these exceptional times. Below are 26 free plugin packs covering you from cloud to edge. Use them to mitigate the strains of extreme demand on infrastructure supporting collaborative or remote work. 

Before you get there, here’s a quick assessment you can make to help figure out what you need to prioritize.

See where the impacts will be most felt:

  1. Evaluate the potential impact of your organization’s COVID-19 containment measures on the IT systems:
    • Will there be a surge of demand for remote work and collaborative software and hardware, for example? 
    • What layers of infrastructure – from cloud to edge, will be taking the strain, ex.: cloud, remote or on-premise servers, VPN connections, etc.
    • What’s missing from your IT monitoring dashboards to be able to monitor in near real-time the health status but also the quality of IT service for those crucial applications or hardware?
  2. Update ASAP your IT monitoring perimeter to make sure you are effectively monitoring anything from Cloud to the edge technologies such as Alcatel, Avaya, Azure, Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper, Polycom, SonicWall, Sonus, Zyxel, and even Microsoft Office365.

Centreon enables cloud to edge monitoring through ready to monitor APIs that we call Plugin Packs. This means that when extreme situations or risks occur, you can almost instantly update your monitoring perimeter to safeguard your IT system and essential business operations.

26 free Plugin Packs for a limited time

Until further notice, to help you deal with these exceptional times, we’re providing you without charge to 26 most commonly needed Plugin Packs to help you deal with the pressure of COVID-19 measures on your collaborative or remote work apps and infrastructure. 

We hope everyone around you will be safe and sound – don’t hesitate to share your IT infrastructure monitoring concerns. Ask us for help or contact a Centreon partner near you.

Which Plugin Packs are we talking about?

This is the list of Plugin Packs that are temporarily free of charge:


  • Alcatel OXE
  • AudioCodes
  • Avaya AES SNMP
  • Avaya Media Gateway SNMP
  • Cisco Call Manager
  • Cisco CMS
  • Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Rest API
  • Cisco Voice Gateway
  • Polycom GroupSeries SNMP
  • Polycom Trio Rest API
  • Polycom RMX
  • Sonus SBC

Unified communication

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office365 Skype
  • Microsoft Office365 Teams
  • Microsoft Office365 Exchange
  • Microsoft Office365 OneDrive


  • Azure VPN Gateway
  • Barracuda Cloudgen SNMP
  • CheckPoint firewall
  • Fortinet Fortigate
  • Juniper SSG
  • OpenVPN OMI
  • Sonicwall
  • Stormshield SNMP
  • Zyxel

How can I install them on my Centreon platform?

Follow these simple steps:

  • If you haven’t done it, start by downloading Centreon from our website home page (Free Trial green button on the top right corner) and follow the Centreon online documentation to install your platform
  • This Quick Start Guide explains how to use Plugin Packs to monitor your infrastructure.
  • By creating a Centreon account and registering your platform you normally get 5 free Plugin Packs: this is temporarily extended to the 26 extra Plugin Packs in the list above.
  • To create an account, go to this page on our website
  • To register your platform, go to the Administration > Extension > Subscription menu in your Centreon platform and log in with your Centreon account.

We hope this helps you enhance the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure.


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