Centreon Monitoring Academy

“CIOs and their IT leaders must invest in the development of their people just as they invest in upgrading their technology. Expenses relating to professional development include training and formal course work. Unfortunately, these areas are often the target for budget cuts because they are perceived as variable, optional costs.” Gartner

Where is the software benefit if your Build and Run teams can not get the best possible use out of it? Investing in Centreon training contributes to strengthen your people skills in IT monitoring. With a more gradual learning for a better skills acquisition validation, it guarantees the success and durability of IT monitoring project implementation which are now critical to manage business-oriented IT performance.

400 – Generate Monitoring Data analytics insightful reports (Centreon MBI)

With the 400 training you will learn to create monitoring data analytics reports. The 2 hours E-learning part to complete in a 3-weeks deadline is dedicated to theoretical training including validation steps. The 2-days on-site course is dedicated to practical training with exercises inspired from real-life and live exchanges with other attendees as well as your training consultant.

You will be capable of using Centreon MBI, tackling Centreon dimensions used to generate reports, grasping differences between performance and availability and mastering Centreon MBI ETL script.

Centreon MBI overview

    • »Discover Centreon MBI and standard reports
    • »Apprehend the way you can visualize your reporting data
    • »Get familiar with the Centreon MBI reporting terminology

Centreon MBI architecture and administration

    • »Understand Centreon MBI components and architecture
    • »Create the relevant Centreon dimensions to use them in your reports
    • »Use Centreon BAM data to get an application-oriented reporting

Centreon MBI ETL and Job Scheduler

    • »Master Centreon-ETL and how to configure it
    • »Rebuild and recalculate your reporting data
    • »Generate, schedule and publish reports

Target Audience

  • Service Level managers
  • Application engineers
  • Network and system engineers
  • ICT Managers

Training mode

  • E-Learning: 2 hours to complete in 3 weeks including 1 video, 20 sheets et 10 questions. A facilitator follows the progress and interacts with the trainees during the training pathway on 360Learning.
  • On-site course: 2 days with an experienced Centreon Monitoring expert. The trainer is always accustomed to real-life usage and problems around the software and will help you put into practice the concepts of the course.


  • INTER sessions : Check the planning on the next tab, then contact us.
  • INTRA sessions : Please contact us to schedule.
Month E-Learning – 2 hours to complete On-site course – 2 days
March March 01 to 21 March 22 & 23
June June 01 to 17 June 19 & 20
September September 01 to 17 September 19 & 20
November November 01 to 17 November 19 & 20

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