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The release of Centreon 3.4, the new version of our open source solution, is accompanied by a version upgrade of all Centreon products. The new versions of Centreon EPP, Centreon MAP, Centreon BAM and Centreon MBI, as well as the Centreon EMS solution are therefore compatible with Centreon 3.4.

Important: for any upgrade, please contact our Centreon TechSupport first to update your repo of Centreon and thereafter your products or Centreon EMS solution.

Reminder: Don’t say CES Complete any more. Referring to the Centreon portfolio revamping, say Centreon EMS, which includes all products and support!

The new version of Centreon EPP (Enterprise Plugin Packs) features new deployment mechanisms to better meet your upgrade and maintenance needs. Users will appreciate Plugin Pack Manager, the new Plugin Pack management system. Its ergonomic and intuitive interface simplifies access to Plugin Packs and their installation via the online platform supplied by Centreon’s software publisher. (more information about the difference between plugins and Plugin Packs here)

The objective? To significantly improve your Time-To-Monitoring.

Centreon EPP technical documentation is  available here.

New version of Centreon MAP

Centreon MAP 4.1.0 mainly includes component corrections and optimizations, resulting from customer experience feedback. The version optimizes the exchanges between the different components to increase performance. The start-up of the rich client and web view loading are faster. Furthermore, special care has been taken to provide more coherency between the web client views and the rich client.

The structuring optimization work will make product upgrades and the addition of new features to future versions of Centreon MAP easier.

Check outthe complete list of new features, improvements and corrections here.

New version of Centreon BAM

Only compatible with Centreon 3.4, Centreon BAM 3.5.0 has a completely new automatic maintenance period inheritance feature.

Scheduled downtimes, which are essential to the monitoring process, are now automatically taken into account in real time when calculating Centreon BAM’s KPIs (Business Activities). Up till now it needed double data entry. Using automatic downtime inheritance, users save time and have more reliable graphs.

This mechanism, which is a direct result of the evolutions only featured in Centreon 3.4, makes this version of Centreon BAM non-compatible with Centreon 3.3. It is enabled via the new “Automatically inherit KPI downtimes?” option available at the business activities level. It is, of course, still possible to position maintenance periods on request for your business activities.

The documentation for this new feature is here.

New version of Centreon MBI

Compatible with Centreon 3.4, Centreon MBI 3.1 includes two new ready-to-use reports as well as an upgrade for email report publication.

Email content formatting and customization

In response to user requests, you can now personalize the emails sent automatically by Centreon MBI: you can format the email content and add macros to it which will be automatically replaced when the email is sent.

Example of an email publication configuration for the IT department

2 new reports

Do you need to know which resources to concentrate on to reduce the number of critical events? The “Hostgroup-Host-Event-Pareto” report, using the Pareto principle, helps you focus your maintenance efforts in the best places.

In the example above, by focussing on the srv-oracle-accounting server, 32% of events can be eliminated for the “Database” resource group. By stabilising all the hosts that feature a dark blue bar it will be possible to eliminate 80% of events.

Analyse performances and your Centreon poller configurations with the “Poller-Performance” report.

Designed for Centreon administrators, it will be very useful to identify configuration differences, versions, run times of abnormally long controls, or latency.

Centreon MBI 3.1 is also compatible with Centreon 2.7.

The full list of new features and corrections is available here.

Important: for any upgrade, please contact our Centreon TechSupport first to update your repo of Centreon and thereafter your products or Centreon EMS solution.

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