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Centreon portfolio 2016 revamping

Blog Centreon portfolio 2016 revamping

In this back-to-school season, it is time for revisions! Early this year, we have revamped the Centreon portfolio. Our products have been streamlined along with a much-thought out re-naming exercise to best reflect our roots, values and evolution of the Centreon brand and software.

Let us to remind you :

  • CES Standard has been renamed Centreon, to mean our solution comprising of Centreon Engine, Centreon Broker and Centreon Web. FREE for all to install and use, the popularity of this integrated and autonomous monitoring platform has surpassed many expectations.  So it’s won its rightful place as Centreon’s signature solution. The positive response in the number of downloads (3500) of our recent release 3.3 on 16 December further speaks to its appeal!
  • The Plugin Packs catalog becomes Centreon EPP (Enterprise Plugin Packs) with new go-live mechanics to better meet your evolution and maintenance needs.
  • The bundled packages known as CES Essential, Advanced and Complete are no longer offered.  To replace them is Centreon EMS – a holistic solution that has been enhanced to address more sophisticated needs of ITOM teams in large multi-site enterprise and help them save costs as well.
  • Centreon BI has been changed to Centreon MBI to better represent the value it delivers – reporting of monitored data intelligence to contribute to more accurate enterprise BI.


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