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Can’t stand the pressure of IT downtime? Let loose and discover a new solution: Centreon RageRoom!

Blog Can’t stand the pressure of IT downtime? Let loose and discover a new solution: Centreon RageRoom!

When you’re close to losing your nerve, and you know that violence is the only answer, perhaps punching and kicking your system may be just what it takes to provide some much needed relief.

Never fear, Centreon is here to help, introducing our new solution to your IT issues: Centreon RageRoomTM.!

It’s geared at the unlucky IT teams stuck without Centreon for IT infrastructure monitoring, offering an option to at least treat your frustration level.

Now everyone has a choice: experiencing stress-free IT monitoring or using the Centreon RageRoom to eliminate your monitoring rage. The system still isn’t up and running? Reduce your stress by destroying that dreaded server stack.

Stress Relief That Works

This unique Corporate Stress Relief System (CSRS) has been specially designed for IT professionals and their many pain points. Latency, alert overload, clueless colleagues, bad code, power failures, saturated storage, crashed sites… No matter the reason, you deserve some relief.

Just step into the Centreon RageRoom and let it all come out: scream, break servers, screens, and routers… Some Centreon RageRoom models can even accommodate groups, for the frustrated team in your life.

How Does it Work?

1 – No dress code, but for safety purposes, please wear closed-toes shoes (sorry Birkenstocks are not accepted)
2 – Pick your protective gear among a wide range of options that will match all degrees of rage: from bubble wrap to a full-Teflon suit, Darth Vader mask, inflatable sumo outfit….
3 – Let it all go. Break it all. Let the rage fuel you!


1- What is the idea behind Centreon RageRoom?

We discovered that not having access to Centreon’s monitoring solution resulted in undue levels of stress. Health studies all agree on one thing: keeping stress pent up inside is very bad for your health. Centreon wanted to give back, so the gift of ​​the Centreon RageRoom was born. It offers a special place for IT pros to let out their inner anger in a safe place, removed from the judgment of others, and with some physical activity included. After all, breaking stuff burns calories and yoga just doesn’t hit the spot.

2- What is the destruction equipment provided in the RageRoom?

The world is your oyster. Screens, servers, computers, keyboards, routers, cables, storage. If we could, we would provide the cloud. Our space is open to all the everyday pieces of infrastructure that are causing you pain.

3- Can I bring my own items to break?

You certainly can. Have a mainframe that is causing you pain? If you can lift that piece of tech, it will no longer be a pain in your neck! Get it all out in the RageRoom.

4- How much does 1 session cost?

We’ll be honest, it’s way more expensive than a good IT monitoring solution. But for 1 day only, this April 1st, you can try the Centreon RageRoom FOR FREE!

Already have the rage fueling through your veins? Find the closest Centreon RageRoom on Google Maps.


Doubting that the Centreon RageRoom is what you need? Contact us for a rage-free way of dealing with IT infrastructure monitoring.


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