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IT Monitoring: New Generation

Blog IT Monitoring: New Generation

The current crisis is dramatic for a great number of us and naturally our health comes first and foremost. But at the same time, we cannot fail to see that this is an opportunity to make the most of our organizations’ IT chain. In this context and more than ever, IT monitoring is essential. Let’s look back only ten years ago: the cloud didn’t exist, the iPhone was just three years old. IT only consisted of on-premise servers and individual employee devices. 

Customers had very little interaction with IT. Back then, monitoring consisted only of making sure the system was working when employees needed it at a given time. Since then, information systems have become considerably richer and more complex: cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, of course. But also edge computing and the Internet of Things… No sector, no organization is immune to this movement, we are well aware of this. But the impact of these upheavals on IT monitoring has not really been taken into account

Now it’s time to catch up. Today, and not only during crises, not only does everything rely on information systems, but the information systems themselves are constantly evolving, as are the companies they are part of: this is “Transformative IT”. In this context, however, the continuous flow of information must keep operating 24 hours a day, end-to-end, “from Cloud to Edge”. Today the challenge is therefore to monitor all these elements and above all to monitor the fluidity of the flow of information between them, which implies making IT monitoring Future-Ready and smarter.

According to Gartner study “Monitoring beyond 2020”, we have entered a new era of performance analysis. It is no longer just a question of checking the availability of each function or each piece of IT equipment, but of monitoring the whole system with the end user in mind: moving from a silo view of what works to a global view of what is offered to the end user. Moving away from a logic of means towards a logic of results.

Centreon supports this objective in the most pragmatic way, this is what we call Smart Monitoring. 

Centreon’s holistic, business-aware platform provides a single, reliable source for monitoring the performance and availability of information systems. Centreon consolidates and streamlines monitoring for efficient and scalable IT operations, while reducing complexity and optimizing the monitoring of critical systems and applications. 

To enter this new era, rather than monitoring each and every piece of equipment or IT function, Centreon’s platform analyses the overall performance of services and makes it visible, through automation, modelling and mapping functions, tailored for every level in the company, with the ultimate goal of improving customer experience. 

This complete monitoring, this “holistic view” also gives a better view of the actual, rather than theoretical, availability of equipment and therefore capacity planning, load-sharing management and cost control. This holistic visibility also enables IT to become transformative and unlock the full potential of the business. The next release of the platform, which will be available in a few weeks, will integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to be fully AIOps-ready and combine predictive analysis with this holistic approach.

The aim is to direct all operational measures towards anticipating the impact on business. With customizable, easy-to-read maps and detailed analytics and  reports, the information provided by Centreon is a key asset in aligning IT operations with business objectives. 

This vision enables comprehensive monitoring of the performance requirements of IT operations by providing end-to-end visibility and contextual business information across the entire IT infrastructure. All of which is aimed at optimizing business processes and performance excellence. 

In a perpetually-evolving world where competition is fierce, Centreon strives to make innovation possible and strengthen the competitive advantage of companies applying a digital transformation.

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