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IT monitoring for 2023: Making ITOps reach their most ambitious new year resolutions

Blog IT monitoring for 2023: Making ITOps reach their most ambitious new year resolutions

We’re jumping into 2023 full of hope, which for ITOps means less IT downtime, more flexibility and productivity, a deeper UX understanding, an observable business, and, of course, sustainable operations. Wishful thinking? No! This is within reach, even in a chaotic, fast-paced IT environment. Let’s look at what could help ITOps achieve their most ambitious resolutions for the new year—from SaaS monitoring to automation, to optimized TCO, enhanced digital experience management (DEM), observability, and sustainable IT.

Embracing SaaS monitoring

Cloud-first strategy is something ITOps are familiar with so it’s no big surprise that IT monitoring software should now be deployed in SaaS fashion. There are many good reasons to switch to Centreon Cloud, our SaaS offer, as with it comes significant efficiency gains and cost savings. And SaaS helps IT sustainability too.

Rather than managing monitoring-dedicated servers and backups, SaaS IT monitoring frees up your team to bring more value to the organization, whether its understanding IT’s impact on business performance, improving the observability platform, keeping track of IT sustainability objectives, or aligning IT investments to the business strategy.

Here’s how you can leverage Centreon Cloud in 2023

  • Launch an IT monitoring solution almost instantly.
  • Invest back the time spent on IT monitoring-related activities on adding business value for improved productivity and competitiveness.
  • Build a business case to optimize the IT budget and demonstrate IT monitoring’s added value.
  • Add flexibility and improve automation in IT monitoring systems.
  • Increase the monitoring platform’s security and ensure optimal availability.
  • Enjoy an always up-to-date monitoring solution, including seamless, secure upgrades and additional cloud-based capabilities.
  • Reduce time spent on daily administration and maintenance tasks.

Make it a reality

Learn more on Centreon Cloud, Centreon’s SaaS offering and contact us for a custom demo.

Harnessing next-level automation

No IT, no business, and no monitoring, no IT—IT monitoring remains crucial for IT governance in 2023. In its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023 report, Gartner urges ITOps to step up ITOM modernization efforts for the coming years, highlighting the importance of expanding automation and building stronger ITOps capabilities.

Monitoring projects increasingly require agility and shorter time-to-monitoring, and this can be achieved through automating the IT monitoring software’s implementation, deployment, and operation.

In some organizations, this may call for a paradigm shift, decommissioning free open-source platforms to adopt the latest off-the-shelf products, with a welcomed compromise: retaining the qualities of the free open-source product. Many organizations are successfully making the open-source to paid IT monitoring switch, realizing the following benefits.

Make it a reality

Compare Centreon editions and give Centreon a try.

Capturing the best IT monitoring TCO

In 2023, every budget dollar will count, while IT monitoring remains a key concern for ITOps and the business. And so, the total cost of ownership (TCO) becomes a key consideration in selecting a next generation monitoring solution.

Created by Bill Kirwin, a Gartner expert, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is defined as: “the total cost of acquiring, using, managing, and retiring an asset over its entire life cycle.” TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is an estimate of the expenses associated with the purchase, deployment, use, and disposal of a product or equipment.

TCO computes all costs throughout the life cycle of a product or service, including direct but also indirect or hidden costs. TCO is now a helpful selection criterion and a strong selling point to obtain approval for purchasing a monitoring solution, the Centreon solution for example. TCO will help clarify the real cost difference between hard-to-compare options.

  • Open source vs. commercial off-the-shelf.
  • SaaS or self-hosted.
  • Various IT monitoring use cases.

Make it a reality

Download the Expert Insight : IT Monitoring and TCO: Open source or off-the-shelf software? Finding the best option for your organization.

Combining ITIM with DEM

DEM is all about ensuring digital experiences are on par with user expectations, this with IT systems that are complex, highly diverse, and resource-hungry—think AI, IoT and multiple cloud options.

Connecting ITIM and DEM within a single platform is key to ensure business and IT KPIs are aligned and to better understand how business performance can be achieved. It brings organizations closer to the flawless digital experiences users and customers expect from them.

Digital experience quality depends essentially on the availability of the right data, at the right time, to the right person. Monitoring—whether at the infrastructure level or beyond is therefore an essential ally in anticipating service degradation and seamlessly balancing quality.

Failing to manage user experience quality can directly impact an organization’s brand reputation and even business results. Digital experience is therefore closely related to managing brand reputation, customer service, and employee engagement.

If you are using Centreon, you are starting 2023 on a strong footing. Centreon has extended the solution’s monitoring capabilities to DEM, making it a strong ally to manage user and customer experience in an IT environment that depends on a complex mix of technologies, cloud and non-cloud, to deliver the expected level of service.

Centreon chose to extend monitoring capabilities to DEM because tracking the performance of end-to-end IT service is no longer enough to fully deliver business performance—you need the point of view of users, who often see issues long before any system can detect them. To enable you to monitor the quality of the digital experience along with infrastructure health, Centreon relies on the technological expertise of Kadiska.

Make it a reality

Contact us for a demo on how integrating ITIM and DEM can help IT deliver more business value.

Befriend observability as a digital performance enabler

Gartner defines observability as “the evolution of monitoring into a process that provides insight into digital business applications, accelerates innovation, and improves the customer experience.” It is recommended that IT infrastructure and operations managers leverage existing monitoring capabilities, processes, and culture to build and benefit from an observability platform.

This is not about implementing an observability solution, but rather embedding observability across the technological stack to help inform the organization’s strategic objectives (cost efficiency, CSR, quality control, for example).

Centreon delivers the metrics and logs that are pillars to enabling observability.

Although some will compare IT monitoring to observability, the reality is that IT monitoring is an essential part of observability, granted that it can provide consistent and quality data, aligned to business needs in terms of observability. Collecting and leveraging such data requires robust integration within the technology stack. And so, observability also requires dynamic interactions between infrastructure, software platforms, as well as user or customer-facing applications. IT monitoring can thus feed a continuous flow of complementary data to the observability platform thanks to Centreon’s interoperability.

Make it a reality

Discover the observability-dedicated ebook, “Enabling Business Strategy: A Top-Down Strategy.

Building a more sustainable digital world

Sustainable IT (a.k.a Green IT) must be approached as a continuous improvement initiative aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technologies. This can be part of an organization’s larger CSR commitments that also encompass IT’s economic and social impacts. In Europe, for example, reporting requirements have been extended to include such non-financial results. Targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction are getting more ambitious and tracked with more scrutiny. Organizations face higher CSR expectations whether from customers, consumers, or even from employees. And so, in 2023, CSR will be on IT’s radar. And by this we mean that sustainability will be something else to be measured with actual data—if you’re not already doing so.

 This is another reason to ensure proper data collection at the IT level, to contribute information which will serve to assess the organization’s carbon footprint, on an ongoing basis, so progress is measured, and sustainability efforts fine-tuned and communicated.

IT monitoring with Centreon contributes to this process in the following way.

Through functionalities enabling the collection of essential KPIs on energy consumption and on actual asset usage, so you can right size your infrastructure and capacities. This data can be shared to help calculate carbon and CSR indicators and track progress towards attaining the organization’s sustainability targets.

– The Centreon solution is inherently optimized to run at a reduced energy and carbon footprint.

Make it a reality:

Discover how IT monitoring can help you control IT energy consumption and costs.

As a complement to reading this article, you may also read Planning for sustainable and cost-effective IT infrastructure for a roundup of key 2023 IT trends.

And with that, we wish you a successful year. You can count on our teams at Centreon to lend a hand turning IT ambitions into reality.

Connect with us on social media and on The Watch—and tell us more about your 2023 IT resolutions.


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