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Industry-grade IT monitoring in a robust open source platform

Blog Industry-grade IT monitoring in a robust open source platform

From an early purpose of making Nagios® easier to use and manage, Centreon has since grown into its own as a robust industry-grade monitoring platform for any digital and IT-savvy company.

System administrators, network engineers, ITOM teams and over 100,000 of their peers know Centreon is the only robust and functional industry-grade open source monitoring they can trust.

Savvy enterprise users who want the Nagios® inspired concepts of powerful flexibility without its complexity, readily embrace the simplicity and scalability of Centreon for comprehensive IT availability and performance monitoring.

Here are 5 unbeatable reasons for Centreon: 1- Setup ready: fully incorporating CentOS, system components and interdependent elements associated to RHEL systems – all packaged using RPM format; includes essential SNMP plugins.

2- Scalable: integrate with additional sites, devices and their dependencies while maintaining homogeneous monitoring over distributed operations – covering up to 500,000 service checkpoints.

3-  Unlimited: expand to as many IT assets and sites as needed (no host or device limit).

4- Comprehensive: operationally robust platform that includes pre-configured components and logical parent-child object hierarchies plus a user-friendly web console for wide or granular tracking.

5- Free: install and deploy within minutes – no holds barred.

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“Centreon, with its GUI, its functional power and reliability of the collected data, allowed us to rapidly monitor all our equipment and applications, and better communicate with management and Head Office.”  Read the complete case study


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