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Extending visibility to hybrid IT for optimized digital performance

Blog Extending visibility to hybrid IT for optimized digital performance

Accelerated digital transformation has reshaped IT landscapes, challenging IT departments and ITOps teams to attain unprecedented visibility into their IT estate.  Digital performance, which is closely linked to the overall success of organizations, relies on the most comprehensive monitoring possible. In this context, IT’s hybridization, spanning cloud to on-premises, complexifies the task of IT teams. This is the reason why choosing a unified monitoring solution is now so crucial. Let’s delve into the challenges of modern monitoring, and discover how to achieve extended visibility in ever-changing hybrid IT environments.

Hybrid IT is a challenge for IT teams

Modern IT systems have evolved into complex, interconnected entities, giving rise to a multitude of challenges for IT teams. IT management and ITOps teams are now faced with the arduous task of maintaining complete and accurate visibility across ever-changing hybrid environments. Digital performance, which has become an indisputable pillar of success for organizations, intrinsically relies on the ability to guarantee flawless IT availability and optimal efficiency. However, a lack of visibility often derails these critical objectives, largely due to the inherent complexity of today’s infrastructure.

The very nature of these modern infrastructures has created a multitude of challenges for IT teams. Perpetual IT evolution, fueled by technological advances such as the cloud, big data and artificial intelligence, has placed IT management and IT Operations teams under unprecedented pressure. As organizations strive to maintain IT availability and performance, they face persistent challenges that limit their ability to achieve these goals. These include the growing complexity of today’s infrastructures, the multiplicity of monitoring tools used by IT teams, and the blind spots inherent in using heterogeneous tools.

Evolving Monitoring Practices in a Changing Environment

The era of hybrid IT has given rise to a new era of monitoring. Organizations, in their quest to remain competitive and innovative, are turning to hybrid environments, combining cloud and on-premises infrastructure to meet changing needs. However, this hybridization is creating new layers of complexity, forcing IT management to reconsider their monitoring strategy.

The major challenge facing IT teams is the proliferation of monitoring tools. On average, organizations use 14 different tools to monitor their environments, which can lead to integration problems, lack of visibility and high operational costs. To solve these problems, centralized monitoring is emerging as a key solution. Analyst Gartner, in its Market Guide for Infrastructure Monitoring Tools 2023, points out that enterprises are primarily looking for a unified monitoring platform that offers complete visibility over their hybrid IT, encompassing both cloud and on-premises environments.

Best monitoring practices for extending IT visibility

In an ever-changing landscape, the monitoring scope is determinant in the success of IT operations. Traditional monitoring solutions have reached their limits in the face of the challenges posed by modern hybrid environments. To meet these challenges, a monitoring solution must offer a combination of essential capabilities.


Monitoring must gather in one single place all relevant data needed to drive digital performance. Such centralization provides a coherent overview of IT environments, eliminating the data silos that can hamper visibility. What’s more, replacing a multitude of disparate tools with a unified platform makes for effective monitoring, simplifying management and reducing complexity.

Automation and AI. 

The ability to automate monitoring is another crucial aspect. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the monitoring process enables proactive detection of potential incidents and rapid response to them. ITOps teams can thus catch issues before they impact performance.

Data visualization and sharing. 

A modern monitoring solution must provide insights tailored to every potential digital performance monitoring stakeholder. Whether for technical or business teams, accurate and relevant visibility is essential for making informed decisions and optimizing the user experience.

Centreon, the all-in-one solution. 

With its ability to centralize, automate and provide complete visibility across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, Centreon paves the way for extensive monitoring that meets the changing needs of IT teams and contributes directly to business success.

Pushing back the boundaries of monitoring

Every company is unique. Every IT department has its own specificities. But one thing is certain: every IT department needs to extend visibility to any technology that’s part of the latest IT evolution. Traditional monitoring solutions have outlived their usefulness, and are no longer sufficient to meet the new demands for extended visibility, availability and efficiency of modern hybrid infrastructure (cloud and on-premises).

That’s why your future monitoring solution will need to have the following capabilities to enable you to go beyond the limitations that hamper extended visibility on a diversity of technology, so your monitoring becomes truly limitless.

  • Centralize all the data needed to manage digital performance
  • A single solution that can replace many
  • Ready-to-use monitoring connectors to monitor everything with complete peace of mind
  • Automate monitoring of new IS equipment to facilitate deployment
  • Assist the work of ITOps teams with AI to prevent and repair incidents
  • Deliver views and insights tailored to each digital performance stakeholder
  • Promote collaboration by sharing a common practice and data repository

This is what Centreon is all about, and the only thing you’ll be needing to win the day. Centreon is a solution capable of delivering extended visibility based on relevant data collection and insight, seamless automation and intuitive, zero-code connectivity.

An open, centralized, automated and connected solution, the Centreon monitoring platform is the single, modern solution that enables you to meet all your organization’s challenges and successfully build extensive visibility across your entire IT, from monitoring the most arcane equipment up to digital experience monitoring, whatever the configuration (cloud, no-cloud or hybrid).

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