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With Centreon EMS, French Department of Justice supports Users and Agile Transformation

Blog With Centreon EMS, French Department of Justice supports Users and Agile Transformation

French Department of Justice Monitors 90% of IT System Through a Centreon EMS Centralized Solution to Support Users and Agile Transformation.

“Since we adopted Centreon, all teams share the same IT monitoring solution and work practices. This has enabled us to monitor 90% of the Justice Department’s IT system—helping improve availability. As well,  as part of our organization’s agile transformation, the new monitoring solution contributed to breaking silos and strengthening communications. Synergy and efficiency within our teams have also improved. ” – Nirina Razafimandimby, Deputy Department Head of Operations and Productions, IT Division, French Department of Justice.

The project in a few words: 

Business challenges: 

  • Modernizing operations at the Department of Justice, within the framework of the digital transformation plan driven by the Minister of justice
  • Dematerializing internal and external processes in order to improve citizens’ access to justice services and facilitate the daily work of public servants

ITOM Objectives: 

  • Unify and optimize IT operations and work teams through convergent IT tools and practices
  • Implement a new toolset to support the agile transformation of the IT department 
  • Replace nine different monitoring system distributed across the country to a single, centralized IT monitoring platform 
  • Extend the IT monitoring perimeter Centralize IT monitoring under a single solution to gain a global view of the IT system’s performance
  • Adopt a scalable solution, that will easily integrate future agile tools managed by the IT department, that will connect to testing tools and provide IT teams with relevant and shared KPIs

Solution Retained: Centreon EMS 

Main benefits: 

  • A single, centralized IT monitoring solution under the full control of the headquarters IT department      
  • Improved mean time to repair performance  ensures higher system availability      
  • Human and material resources cost optimizations through central management of IT infrastructure monitoring       
  • Improved collaboration and communications across IT teams through adoption of common I&O practices
  • An enhanced IT monitoring service portfolio
  • Alignment with agile and DevOps processes


Modernization efforts at the French Department of Justice stem from an ongoing national digital transformation strategy for public services. The plan involves optimizing and dematerializing IT systems and processes to improve service delivery to end users, employees or citizens. As part of these efforts, the Operations and Production Unit at the headquarters IT division successfully centralized IT monitoring for the entire IT system (both central and regional) within a single monitoring solution based on Centreon EMS.  

The Department of Justice’s Operations and Production Unit ensures availability of 90% of the Justice Department’s IT system. This includes the messaging system and business applications such as prison visiting rooms or criminal records management. On a daily basis, nearly 1,000 sites must be monitored by the Unit, who is also overseeing the organization’s digital transformation. Furthermore, as a means to gain speed and responsiveness and better meet business needs, the IT division has been adopting agile methods. The decision to centralize IT monitoring through a Centreon EMS-based platform, with the purpose of streamlining and integrating tools is happening within this context.

In less than two and a half years, a single, centralized IT monitoring perimeter was deployed, marking a transition from a heterogeneous and decentralized system comprised of nine local sites and a central operation center into a unified outfit, capable of managing more than 1,000 sites across the country through a common solution and methodology. 

This single and shared approach strengthened cohesion, communication and efficiency between teams working from the headquarters and those in each of the regional offices. Human and material resources dedicated to IT monitoring were optimized. From 20 people assigned to IT monitoring, only 3 are now needed, the rest have been redeployed on other value-adding projects. On the material front, the number of servers required was divided by 10, from 40 to only 4. In alignment with agile methodology, silos were broken within the IT department and teams were empowered by their common platform and working methods.


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