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S&L deepens Enterprise Monitoring Services With Centreon

Blog S&L deepens Enterprise Monitoring Services With Centreon

Partnership generates growth through seamless access to Centreon EMS. 

October 16, 2019 – S&L, a Germany-based managed IT services company active in the key areas of network technology, enterprise software and IT compliance is growing its IT monitoring service portfolio, providing seamless access to business-aware hybrid IT monitoring with Centreon EMS. Through the partnership, S&L offers more value-adding options to organizations aiming for tighter control over crucial business processes and constant resource planning optimization.

“S&L and Centreon have a common, innovative approach to ITIM. We don’t just look at IT, we’re safeguarding end-to-end business processes that are IT powered,” explains Marcus Ibald, Team Leader, Networking at S&L. “With Centreon EMS and the expertise of our certified consultants, we ensure stakeholders within the organization are empowered to protect and optimize essential business activities and processes, through continuous learning from the infrastructure data,” concludes Mr. Ibald.

“Our partnership with S&L perfectly illustrates Centreon’s commitment to provide flexibility and value,” explains Marc-Antoine Hostier, Chief Sales Officer for Centreon. “By investing in Centreon EMS certification, S&L now markets a new line of value-added IT monitoring services. And in turn, S&L clients are set for a competitive advantage through the constant optimization of their IT performance in a highly digitalized business environment.” 

How Centreon EMS adds value to S&L clients

  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) ensures all services and equipment supporting a business transaction can be discovered, mapped and visualized. Then, based on ITIL practices, crucial correlations are made to show the impact of infrastructure and applicative layers on business performance. Key IT and business line personnel get real-time views on the status of their business processes, thus gaining a common perspective to better align IT with business needs.
  • Monitoring Business Intelligence (MBI) leverages the data returned by the monitoring solution to provide insights enabling intelligent resource planning. With automated and customizable reports that are legible even to non-IT personnel, organizations are constantly aware of key performance indicators, such as availability, SLA compliance, and capacity.

More information on S&L and their Centreon EMS-based service offering can be found here.



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