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Centreon simplifies the convergence of IT and OT monitoring

Newsroom Centreon simplifies the convergence of IT and OT monitoring

The new Centreon 23.10 release supports Raspberry Pi, confirming Centreon’s position at the forefront of the convergence of IT and OT monitoring

Paris, November 30, 2023Centreon, a leader in digital performance monitoring is announcing the availability of the Centreon 23.10 software release which among multiple enhancements, significantly simplifies the monitoring of industrial and edge environments by leveraging Raspberry Pi, a robust mini server on which a monitoring poller can run. This new application enables unprecedented visibility into industrial processes, assets, and infrastructure while reducing the cost and complexity of monitoring.

 Simplifying IT and OT monitoring convergence for organizations

Operational technologies (OT) are increasingly connected to business applications running in the data center or in the cloud, so these environments must now be monitored with the same care as IT environments. But until now, there has been no easy way to do this.

In the context of IT and OT convergence, energy, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing organizations can now easily monitor IT and OT operations using Centreon software and a simple, portable, and readily available device.

The introduction of this new capability demonstrates Centreon’s commitment to providing versatile, robust solutions tailored to the specific needs of industrial environments. By integrating compatibility with Raspberry Pi, we are paving the way for more flexible and powerful industrial applications. This innovation underscores our vision of limitless monitoring as a performance enabler, not only in the context of IT, but also OT,” said Julien Mathis, Centreon’s CEO.

Latest software release holds additional enhancements

In addition to Raspberry Pi compatibility, the new Centreon 23.10 release includes several key enhancements:

  • New Dashboard User Interface: The new dashboard interface provides a more intuitive and flexible user experience. It makes it easy to create customized dashboards by selecting a template from a variety of graphical widgets.
  • Additional Views for Resource Status: Centreon’s Resource Status interface provides more flexibility in visualizing resource status alerts, making it easier and faster to identify the root cause of problems.
  • New Rest APIs for Complete Automation: Centreon’s Rest APIs provide the ability to automate the platform’s advanced remote access configuration and management tasks, giving users and developers greater automation and control over their monitoring systems.

These latest enhancements are in line with Centreon’s mission to provide state-of-the-art IT monitoring solutions that enable more efficient management and better data analysis. By combining IT and OT, Centreon is raising the bar for industrial monitoring, helping organizations with complex operations achieve performance and operational excellence.

For more information, read the article about the Centreon 23.10 release.

To learn more about IT/OT convergence, download the ebook Bridging the physical and digital worlds.


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