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MSP: 4 levers to create customer value using your IT monitoring solution

Blog MSP: 4 levers to create customer value using your IT monitoring solution

As an MSP, you operate in a highly competitive market. At Centreon, we believe that with the help of smart monitoring, MSPs will no longer have to choose between improving productivity, creating high value-added services and ensuring profitability.

With this objective in mind, we have designed an edition of our Centreon monitoring platform dedicated to MSPs, with a business model that’s perfectly adapted to the requirements of the new digital world.

Discover 4 levers provided by the Centreon MSP Edition to add value and make a difference for your customers.

Creating a more efficient service center

Your service center is the hot spot where teams provide clients with the best service. They monitor and manage infrastructure, conduct maintenance, manage tickets and troubleshoot or upgrade client systems.

Using Centreon MSP Edition, a monitoring platform dedicated to MSPs, you can centralize the monitoring data of all your clients within a single console and a unified user interface, the management and efficiency of your service center.

“With Centreon we are sure to respond quickly in the event of an incident or performance downgrading, with reinforced control of contractual service levels, and we can really improve the experience of our clients.”

Morgan Berton
Head of Monitoring – Hub One.

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Leverage a range of Centreon features to enhance client support performance.

  • Centreon Pollers collect monitoring data remotely or locally at the client’s site.
  • Profile-based access control helps you organize teams efficiently and manage confidentiality.
  • Remote servers provide your clients with a holistic view of their infrastructure without compromising security.
  • The API-centric approach integrates the monitoring platform with ITSM, automation, or other tools.
  • Over 500 ready-to-use monitoring connectors (Plugin Packs) to meet current and future client needs.
  • The auto-discovery engine enables an always up-to-date configuration even in a cloud or software-defined environment.
  • The Web user interface provides an intuitive user experience increasing your teams’ productivity.

“Econocom PSF’s Centreon offer guarantees our clients quality and follow-up for all their IT services. In a single interface, they have all the information to monitor and quickly take action if necessary.”

François Philippo
Business Development Manager – Econocom PSF

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Offering a more innovative portfolio of services

Productivity and efficiency gains are an essential part of being competitive, but alone, they’re not enough to stand out from other MSPs in your market.

You may beat the competition on pricing, but what is your real competitive advantage? Getting ahead of the curve requires a differentiated (and differentiating) service portfolio that goes well beyond monitoring and managed services.

Centreon MSP Edition brings you all the flexibility you need to create an innovative portfolio of services, in line with your clients’ expectations and creating value for them.

As a result, your loyal clients stay and your business thrives.

“Centreon is integrated into the value proposition of our Center for Operational Excellence. We deliver value-added services on IT failure detection and anticipation, change management and on-premise, private/public cloud and SaaS infrastructure status reporting. Centreon helps us provide our clients with customized, technical or business-focused dashboards.”

Nicolas Grehier
CTO – Eva Group.

Here are some examples of monitoring services being part of a complete and innovative portfolio of managed services:

  • Proactive monitoring to anticipate anomalies.
  • A morning-check dashboard for your clients informing them their IT system is functioning properly every morning.
  • Real-time visibility via customized and shared dashboards.
  • Weekly and/or monthly SLA reports demonstrating the quality of service delivered according to your commitments.
  • Implementing a dedicated remote server to share operations between internal resources and your teams.
  • Managing your clients’ on-premise, cloud, edge and IoT environments.
  • Future-proof through integrated automation features such as the auto-discovery engine and connectors (Plugin Packs).
  • Pave the way for business observability using Centreon MSP Edition’s advanced features.

“With Centreon, we have enhanced decision-making capabilities aided by the decision-making tool for managers. By centralizing key data and customizing KPIs, MTF Quadra offers its clients a complete, powerful management tool. These tools help companies make quick, efficient strategic decisions in response to changes in their business”.

Olivier Gallet
Managing Director – MTF Quadra. 

Manage ROI and pay the fair price

The Centreon MSP Edition includes all the advantages of the Centreon platform. Pricing is perfectly tailored to the needs of the MSP business. It’s an answer to a lot of tough questions: How can I anticipate the evolution of my monitoring capacities without taking a financial risk? How can I afford increased capacity while developing new business? How can I manage profitability even when losing clients?

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted a critical need for flexibility, as IT departments and therefore their MSPs had to demonstrate unprecedented agility.

Pay-Per-Use, the fair price for MSPs

We wanted to solve all of your concerns so we came up with a type of pay-per-use, pay-per-demand pricing system for our MSP clients.

A simple pricing scheme:

  • We determine a custom, basic monthly subscription fee based on your needs, providing access to a certain number of Centreon MSP Edition licenses (250, 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000).
  • We set the price for additional licenses based on your estimates.
  • Every month, we automatically check the average number of monitored equipment. Only monitoring for additional equipment will be invoiced.

“We use Centreon to make sure we can see problems before our clients do. The reporting aspect is also valuable, as are the event diaries. With them, we can have an immediate view of any malfunction.”

Kadri Kalpus
Monitoring Expert – Santa Monica Networks

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Building value through partnership

Beyond designing a high-performance product and an innovative pricing scheme, we are also committed to building an ongoing partnership with your MSP business.

Our technical, marketing and sales teams work hand in hand with your people, helping you get the most out of the Centreon platform and develop a competitive, profitable offer.

“Everything about Centreon is positive, but the key lies in the teams. A product is a product. It can evolve, thanks to AI for instance, but the partnership with Centreon is the most important factor!”

Cyril D.
Product Manager IT Project Manager – Proservia.

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Takeaway: Use Centreon to get ahead of the competition and enhance the customer experience

Through Smart Monitoring with Centreon, you gain efficiencies, you build an innovative portfolio of services, and create value for clients.

“For our clients, Centreon doesn’t come as an option. The package is integrated as standard in the managed services contract, allowing every client to check that NC2 is in line with the SLA commitments at any time. For us, this is a real competitive advantage that has enabled us to develop client commitment and, more generally, to strengthen our brand image.” 

Christine Ruggiero
Sales Director – NC2

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Proactive teams can support new and innovative domains (such as edge, cloud computing and Business Observability) and ensure IT services are evolving at the same speed as market expectations. Your clients will feel confident that their digital business is in good hands.

You are winning market share and taking your clients on the path to smart monitoring.

If you too believe Smart Monitoring can become your best ally in reinventing your business and uncovering new growth opportunities, be part of the growing community of Centreon MSP Edition users.


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