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Centreon Platform

Centreon’s AIOps-ready IT monitoring platform provides holistic visibility to complex IT workflows from Cloud-to-Edge.
AIOPs ready IT monitoring
Centreon Platform

Why use Centreon ?

APM Monitoring
Holistic Visibility
Centreon monitors the complete IT Infrastructure from Cloud-to-Edge for a clear and comprehensive view.
No Blind Spot

Centreon removes blind spots, monitoring all equipment, middleware and applications that are part of modern IT workflows, from on-premise legacy assets to private and public cloud environments, all the way to the edge of the network, where smart devices and customers combine to create business value.

Constantly Current

Centreon is constantly current, able to support the most dynamic environments. With Auto-Discovery capabilities it can keep track of Software-Defined Network (SDN) elements, AWS or Azure cloud assets, Wi-Fi access points or any other component of today’s agile IT infrastructure.

Intuitive Monitoring
Centreon uses intuitive monitoring to flag which indicators are relevant across a diverse infrastructure, automatically configuring all details and parameters.

Bridging the Gap between IT Operations and Business

Centreon drives business performance excellence, aligning IT operations with business objectives through intuitive monitoring.
Centreon provides a view from the top, mapping business-critical IT services to applications, middleware or infrastructure components. With big picture insights, Centreon enables the alignment of IT to business goals.
Top-Down Views
Centreon offers clear views that can be shared with all stakeholders, giving IT specialists, business owners and management team members the tailored information they need. This ensures the daily IT operations excellence that promotes better customer and employee experience.
Business Context
The Centreon dashboards and reports add contextual business insights, beyond mere IT monitoring details. This enables IT operations to make informed decisions that consider business activity, the number of active users or the Service Level Agreements with internal and external customers.
IT infrastructure monitoring

AIOps and Future-Ready Operations

Centreon is AIOps and future-ready, promoting agility, scalability and flexibility in the never-ending journey to modern IT.
Open & Flexible

Centreon adapts and integrates to the idiosyncrasies of any IT operations and infrastructure. Its API-centric platform benefits from the extra flexibility provided by its acclaimed Open Source framework and the inventiveness of its user community.

Distributed & Scalable

Centreon supports centralized control of distributed nation-wide or worldwide infrastructure. Monitoring capability can be added near the edge of the network to avoid latency or firewall concerns or shared across distributed remote teams closer to business operations.

AI empowers IT operations, using machine learning algorithms to facilitate anomaly detection, implement predictive analysis or perform event correlation. By constantly evolving its capabilities to leverage AI and ML, Centreon helps IT operations manage ever-expanding infrastructure complexity as it outpaces the limits of human ability.

More about Centreon Features

All the features you need

Holistic Visibility

  • Unmatched monitoring scope
  • Automatic Discovery Engine
  • Efficient Event Management
  • AI-powered Anomaly Detection
  • Ready-to-monitor configuration templates
  • Enterprise Plugin Packs: get started in minutes


  • Service Mapping
  • Extensive Top-Down Views
  • Cockpit Views
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Graphical Views
  • Geographical Views
  • Analytics & Reports


  • All-in-one Virtual Appliance
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Scalable & HA
  • Seamless Integrations
  • AIOps-Ready
  • Cloud-Augmented
  • Open Source flexibility
  • Distributed Monitoring & Operations

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IT Edition
Business Edition

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