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Immediate broad & deep monitoring thanks to Centreon EPP

Blog Immediate broad & deep monitoring thanks to Centreon EPP

Centreon Enterprise Plugin Packs (EPP) is THE answer. Addressing over 265 domains (and still counting), wide and deep monitoring coverage of major operating systems, equipment, servers, applications, software protocols and services become fast and painless – even for beginners. And that’s not all.

Here are 5 clever reasons for Centreon EPP.

Centreon, IT monitoring

1-Vast catalog of Plugin Packs

Monitor anything and everything (practically speaking) of IT essentials with Centreon, thanks to its vast catalogue of Plugin Packs.

2-Preconfigured templates

Install and instantly deploy Centreon monitoring for on-premise coverage with preconfigured templates of commands, hosts and services.

3-Advance performance indicators

Get specific on advanced performance indicators and extract good metrics, thanks to high quality coding and testing by Centreon experts.

4-Integrate new IT assets seamlessly

Integrate new IT assets seamlessly for monitoring with regular enhancements and addons to the catalogue

5-User-friendly web interface

Easily manage installed Plugin Packs via a web interface.


To find out more, check out an extract of our Plugin Pack catalog.

To test our Plugin Packs you can download Centreon 3.4 with its 6 native Plugin Packs or choose the Free Trial of Centreon IMP including 5 additional Plugin Packs.

Would you like a personalized demonstration or to test the functionalities of Centreon EPP on your platform? Contact us.

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