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Healthcare: when IT monitoring helps to streamline and secure the patient care journey

Blog Healthcare: when IT monitoring helps to streamline and secure the patient care journey

With Centreon Business, a grouping of regional hospitals pools resources, creating a common, integrated IT monitoring platform, streamlining and protecting the patient care journey.

“Adopting an integrated, centralized IT monitoring system leveraging Centreon Business is like turning on the lights in places that were previously dark. Visibility is a critical element in guaranteeing patients the smoothest care journey possible and optimal support to hospital staff. ”  – Eric Denizot, Manager, Communication Infrastructure and Projects at Hôpital Nord-Ouest.

The project in a few words

Business objectives: Streamline a patient care path spread over 6 sites 

  • Ensure 24/7 IT availability
  • Guarantee and secure the sharing of information between the applications used by the various institutional sites

ITOM challenges: Manage the monitoring of heterogeneous IT systems through an integrated, centralized solution within a pooled IT Department

  • Pool IT monitoring resources      
  • Unify and standardize IT monitoring
  • Adopt common tools and practices for improved responsiveness to incidents


Main benefits

  • Standardization of IT monitoring practices through the implementation of an integrated solution managed by the IT Department      
  • Centralization of IT monitoring for global visibility on the IT system       
  • IT monitoring scope broadened to include servers and applications      
  • Better everyday responsiveness in dealing with incidents      
  • Faster process for incident repair dispatching
  • Reduced volume of calls to technical support      
  • Improved information sharing within the IT Department through the permanent displaying of IT monitoring metrics across all work units.      


In 2010, two institutions, the Villefrance sur Saône and the Tarare hospitals, were grouped into a Communauté Hospitalière de Territoire (CHT – Territorial Community of Hospitals), as part of the reorganization of health services delivery in France. The institutions shared a common administrative team and the same IT Department. Over time, other institutions joined them, for example the Centre Hospitalier St-Cyr, the Hôpital de Trévoux, and the EHPAD de Villars les Dombes. The CHT eventually joined a larger regional grouping called a Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire or GHT (Territorial Hospital Grouping) , which today counts 2,641 beds and 3,600 employees.

First CHT officially put in place by the regional health authority, the Agence Régionale de Santé Auvergne Rhône Alpes, the Hôpital Nord-Ouest  continues to innovate and regularly reviews its health service portfolio to constantly optimize patient care journeys. The decision in 2012 to set up a centralized IT monitoring console and standardized work methods stemmed from the same principle of continuous improvement. The overarching objective for this project was simple: gain a unified, common vision of the IT system across six sites to keep real time watch on its overall health status, for optimal support and service delivery. 

In undertaking this vast project, the IT department relied on the performance of the Centreon Business solution and the expertise of the solution provider’s teams to deploy a shared IT monitoring platform, accessible to all IT teams. Leveraging the solution’s extensive ready-to-use plugin pack library, project teams were able to easily expand the IT monitoring scope, making their everyday work almost instantly more manageable. The centralized approach accounted for greater team responsiveness and the continuous sharing of information between the institution’s various business applications, contributing to smoother patient care journeys.

Beyond receiving alerts, the entire team now shares common working methods as well as key data and indicators, through large screens constantly displaying the state of health of the IT system for everyone in the IT department. The improved, overall awareness helps IT teams anticipate incidents and swiftly dispatch support to a potential disruption, in turn reducing the number of incoming requests for the shared technical support unit.

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