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Customer stories


REST Solution

REST Solution is an MSP spanning cloud, data centers, and hybrid infrastructures managed services. The company’s purpose is crystal clear: support IT convergence and superior needs for IT availability, 24-7-365.
REST Solution provides highly customized services—meeting needs that are unique to each client. To ensure such tailored, critical support, counting on a flexible, powerful and automated IT monitoring solution is essential, and thus, the Centreon platform appeared as an obvious choice.
Centreon’s advanced functionalities simplify IT monitoring implementation, enable teams to anticipate issues and can tailor IT monitoring to each client’s exact needs. The auto-discovery feature streamlines and automates IT monitoring deployments.

Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP)

The Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) is a not-for-profit public-private partnership providing secure, high-capacity internet, customized networking services, and promoting innovation projects in academic and research institutions throughout Brazil.
RNP transitioned from Centreon Open Source to Centreon IT Edition in 2018 because they needed to augment their capacity to monitor a wide range of services dispersed across Brazil’s large territory. IT being table-stake to research and education activities, and given the scope of Brazil’s territory, RNP also needed flexible architecture options to enable both local teams and NOC, providing easy data sharing and log access, for virtually instant issue analysis and remediation. In short, they needed a decentralized yet collaborative IT monitoring platform supporting all IT stakeholders.

ZF Group

Needing a centralized monitoring solution, ZF Group decided to use Centreon as the basis for the monitoring of their on-premise infrastructure. By shifting many systems to the cloud, monitoring had to be adapted and expanded. It was and is of particular importance to the ZF Group, in addition to Centreon itself, to have a permanent contact who is available with advice, support and can help seamlessly with any problems. ZF chose the S&L group of companies as a certified German Centreon partner.

IT Soluções

ITS Soluções is a São Paulo, Brazil, IT service company founded in 2002 that supports the digital journey of mid to large sized enterprises across the country, delivering solutions that simplify and optimize the management of complex technological environments, tabling on best-of-breed products, integration, and automation. ITS Soluções found many use cases for Centreon, including monitoring their own and their clients’ IT infrastructure, their managed cloud offer, supporting their outsourced NOC service, and as a companion solution to their homegrown ITOps automation solution, PressPlay.


The company employs over 3000 people, working from facilities across global locations or from home offices. To keep pace with an accelerated rate of innovation and growth, Ascensos was looking to upgrade their well-used Centreon open-source-built monitoring solution. Upgrading to the Centreon IT Edition, provided the perfect balance between innovation and stability.


Meanquest, a trusted IT partner for organizations in French-speaking Switzerland, was always committed to offering clients attentive and high-quality service. By relying on Centreon to enrich their IT monitoring offering, in particular within the managed services portfolio, the Swiss MSP aims to offer the best technology and services at the most efficient cost to support the most current client needs.

Institut Florimont

The Institut Florimont, a Geneva-based, century-old private educational institution relies on Centreon to monitor the full length of their IT system and terminals. By bringing back IT monitoring in-house using Centreon, the IT department enhanced IT service quality, performance, and reliability through an extended IT monitoring scope and a newfound ability to anticipate issues.

ITS Integra

Thanks to the Centreon IT monitoring platform’s flexibility and scalability, we meet our clients’ latest IT and business requirements. Using just one solution, we manage legacy and cloud environments, automate all our processes, and provide highly visual dashboards to technical and managerial profiles alike.

Groupe Média TFO

Groupe Média TFO, Ontario’s French-language broadcasting company, chose Centreon to improve how IT service is understood, managed, and communicated to stakeholders. The longer-term goal is to scale IT monitoring and reporting capabilities to constantly evolving needs in a fast-paced, user-centric digital environment.


CCMA is the public broadcaster of Catalonia, Spain. Supported by the IT service company IThinkUPC, CCMA migrated its crucial but dated self-built Centreon open-source IT monitoring platform to a modernized Centreon IT Edition solution, ensuring reliable and holistic IT monitoring and paving the way for constantly evolving IT monitoring and technology needs.


Solutionbox is a one-stop IT service provider based in Salzburg, Austria which was founded in 2004. The company’s 50 employees live by a very simple rule: deliver the right IT solution to each and every client. In 2020, the company became a Centreon partner and developed their first project with the Centreon Business Edition. This Q&A with CEO Martin Wolfger highlights Solutionbox’ experience in building an immersive platform in the context of a large, pan-European monitoring project to the benefit of an enterprise client.


Econocom is a European group that makes digital transformation happen for companies and public organizations. The MSP selected a Centreon platform to monitor their private cloud service hosted in Luxembourg. This proved to be a smart choice as much from a technical standpoint as business-wise. The solution covers both Econocom PSF and their clients’ monitoring needs, from a single console and comes with a licensing model tailored to the needs of MSPs. As a result, the company strengthened service quality and regulatory compliance while offering clients new value-adding services.

FM Logistic

A leader in a constantly evolving and highly competitive industry, FM Logistic provides global supply chain solutions to national and international businesses in a range of sectors, from consumer goods, distribution, perfumes and cosmetics, to manufacturing and health—helping clients with end-to-end supply chain optimization. FM Logistic is a family business founded in France in 1967, currently active in 14 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The company employs some 27,500 people and posted sales of 1.4 billion euros for 2019-2020.

Hub One

The company’s IT department manages high stakes issues in infrastructure security – the company is ISO/IEC 27001-certified for their telecom services and their own high-availability IT system supporting MSP services. With a core business entirely dependent on IT, Hub One is now relying on Centreon monitoring to guarantee the quality and performance of managed services delivered to clients.

L’Hôpital Nord Ouest

First CHT officially put in place by the regional health authority, the Agence Régionale de Santé Auvergne Rhône Alpes, the Hôpital Nord-Ouest continues to innovate and regularly reviews its health service portfolio to constantly optimize patient care journeys. The decision in 2012 to set up a centralized IT monitoring console and standardized work methods stemmed from the same principle of continuous improvement. The overarching objective for this project was simple: gain a unified, common vision of the IT system across six sites to keep real time watch on its overall health status, for optimal support and service delivery.

Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune is a business that makes its mark as an enhancer of customer experiences. They must set a perfect example. The team in charge of IT monitoring is an important contributor to delivering stellar client service, as client experiences will only be as good as the IT that supports them. Therefore, constant watch is kept available at all key business touch points: product development, professional services, technical support, finance, sales, marketing, training, and so on. An important touchpoint to safeguard is the ability for clients to seamlessly download products.

Clermont Auvergne Métropole

Centralized monitoring of shared IT resources contributes to safeguarding operational capabilities for 1,500 municipal personnel, improving the delivery of public services in a metropolitan area.
The Digital Division manages an IT system that’s highly heterogeneous, comprising multiple technical equipment and applicative environments used by 3,500 municipal personnel: messaging, financial or HR applications, such as leave management or payroll; or applications intended for residents for such services as registering for daycare or recreation activities, water usage invoicing, access to waste management centers, etc.

Ecole Polytechnique

In order to meet the security and high availability standards that come with supporting an institution devoted to excellence, the IT department of Ecole Polytechnique must keep abreast of the most recent trends in IT. Confronted every day to the issues of obsolescence and the necessity to adhere to the latest technologies, the Technical Services team relies on Centreon to monitor all of its IT equipment and networks, IoT included. Capitalizing on Centreon interoperability and on its mapping module, the Technical Services team focuses more specifically on real time monitoring of network equipment and the Internet, two critical elements on which the daily activities of the 6,000 users on campus depend.

Amer Sports

Amer Sports reinforces the management of its digital value chain.Amer Sports reinforces the management of its digital value chain through centralizing infrastructure monitoring for 20 IT-critical locations. Amer Sports is a global player in the sports equipment market present in 51 locations around the world with favorite brands such as Wilson, Salomon and Arc’Teryx. The company wanted real time visibility on the state of their IT system in some twenty critical sites in Europe, Asia and America. It’s something they’ve accomplished through the implementation Centreon, allowing Amer Sports more responsiveness and visibility on key business activity sites. The new IT monitoring system also offered the opportunity to adopt shared practices and strengthen communication with lines of business (LOB).

French Department of Justice

With Centreon, French Department of Justice supports Users and Agile Transformation. French Department of Justice Monitors 90% of IT System Through a Centreon Centralized Solution to Support Users and Agile Transformation. Modernization efforts at the French Department of Justice stem from an ongoing national digital transformation strategy for public services. The plan involves optimizing and dematerializing IT systems and processes to improve service delivery to end users, employees or citizens. As part of these efforts, the Operations and Production Unit at the headquarters IT division successfully centralized IT monitoring for the entire IT system (both central and regional) within a single monitoring solution based on Centreon.


Pixagility: an innovative multiservice video platform that supports broadcasters in enhancing the value of video contents. With its unique technological expertise, Pixagility helps European and African broadcasters enhance video content for their audiences. Pixagility uses Centreon to provide seamless video broadcast experiences – from infrastructure to viewers’ screens.


NC2, subsidiary of Visiativ Group, reinforces its commitment to clients by making Centreon a standard feature of managed service agreements. NC2 has made the IT monitoring solution Centreon a standard feature for all its service agreements. Counting over 15 years of existence, NC2 chose to reinforce its service offering to include tools developed by software publisher Centreon and by focusing on providing clients with the transparency they need.

Bordeaux Métropole

From task oriented to strategic: Bordeaux Métropole leverages Centreon to unite IT teams around common practices, centering efforts on creating value for the entire organization. Business challenges: Centralizing IT monitoring in a heterogeneous and distributed perimeter, easily evolving the perimeter, as municipalities opt in the shared services provided by the urban community, using an open and ready-to-use solution, maintaining visibility on a wide range of business applications.

Departmental council of Haut-Rhin

In 2010, when the French departmental council of Haut-Rhin’s IT department decided to consolidate its IT infrastructure and seriously upgrade its business applications, they chose to structure its monitoring using Centreon’s single, central, tailorable tool. The objective was to centralize monitoring data, give users a better experience, increase visibility and productivity, and better control IT resources. The project kicked off with only one monitored server using Centreon’s open source solution and the opportunity to improve. Within a few years, all targets were exceeded, with productivity increased and 30 minutes of time back into their operators day. Currently, their entire IT infrastructure is monitored with Centreon, including all critical business tasks.

Agri-food sector

A market-leading international cooperative group adopted Centreon to implement an innovative, company-wide monitoring process. The result is real-time visibility into their entire IT system coupled with streamlined IT practices. The client is a global player in the agri-food sector relying on their IT department to deliver continuous, impeccable service to a 10,000-strong workforce covering all lines of work, based in over 50 locations around the world. They were looking to improve company-wide policies and processes relating to the delivery of IT services.

New Caledonia Post Office and Telecommunications

The Office of Post and Telecommunications of New Caledonia (OPT-NC) provides services to inhabitants, companies and local authorities. The public body operates in the fields of telecommunications, financial services and letters/parcels in the Caledonian territory. In 2013, it committed to a corporate project aimed at implementing 360° monitoring of its networks, services and systems. Deployed on an initial scope, Centreon’s MONITOR project has enabled the company to build a dedicated team and an interdisciplinary, centralized monitoring platform.

Fondation de France

Fondation de France was created in 1969 as France’s leading philanthropic network. As a foundation working for all causes, it acts in the area of public interest via its own programs and through facilitating the work of the 828 funds and foundations under its umbrella. In view of its status and its specific line of work, the financial resources of the Fondation de France are subject to regular audits and controls, greatly impacting its IS and their rigorous auditing processes. In order to guarantee correct operation and quality of the service delivered, the Internal Resources Department implemented a monitoring strategy using Centreon solutions. Over 10+ years, the solution has allowed Fondation de France to improve their monitoring and infrastructure and, aligned with the functional improvements proposed by Centreon, has enabled it to offer a high level of quality for its IT resources.

Pierre & Vacances

With 7.5 million customers across 280 sites in Europe, the Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs Group has become the leading proximity tourism operator in Europe within the last 50 years.
To monitor its Information System, improve communication with users and optimize the activity monitoring for all Group entities, their IT Department has relied on the Centreon solution since 2014.