“With global operations spread across continents and time zones, our business is always on and is highly dependent on service availability. We don’t just sell software, we promote exceptional customer experiences, and we have to walk the talk. One simple IT glitch is enough to start a chain reaction that will be felt from one country to the next, as the sun travels across the globe. No matter the time or day, business teams relying on IT infrastructure can’t be stopped. As a small, remote monitoring team, we need to be quick on our feet. Our Centreon-supported solution helped us streamline and automate IT monitoring processes, allowing us to save time and improve responsiveness, across time zones.”  - Pierre-Henry Allmendinger, Coordinator, IT Infrastructure, Objectif Lune.

The project in a few words

Business objective: Optimize support for global, 24/7 operations 

  • Support stellar client experiences at all business touchpoints: product development, professional services, technical support, finance, sales, training, web, marketing, around the world.
  • Ensure there’s no disruption in the ability to download Objectif Lune’s software products.

 ITOM objectives: Automate processes and resolve issues faster

  • Identify and react to problems faster—in the context of serving different time zones.      
  • Optimize and streamline IT monitoring processes—considering that ops are centralized in the hands of a small team.
  • Ensure the monitoring solution is backed by technical support as a safety measure for quick recovery in case of problems—a norm for all products and solutions deployed at the company. 

Main benefits

  • Protection of the main business touch points around the clock, including the ability to download software products online
  • Time savings in updating perimeter and in detecting problems
  • Increased responsiveness of the monitoring team
  • Complementary functionalities to fight latency 
  • Enhanced IT monitoring experience

The project in a few figures

  • Monitored locations: 14 on 5 continents—including 2 offices in Australia
  • 400 hosts and 4 048 services are monitored
  • 98% of virtual machines are monitored or about 600, representing 75% of the IT system
  • 20 to 30 indicators tracked for each virtual machine         
  • Centralized monitoring in one location with minimal staff

The full story

Objectif Lune is in the business of creating stellar customer experiences through automated business communications. The software provider was born in 1993 to enhance customer communications through state-of-the-art technology. The company improves the process of generating business documents or interactions through a portfolio of software products such as PrintShop Mail Connect, PlanetPress Connect and PReS Connect, so that all communications with clients contribute to building strong and consistent relationships. These software tools may allow, for example, the addition of a last-minute message on a special promotion when issuing an invoice, reflecting customer preferences when sending a newsletter, or seamlessly triggering customer interactions upon order delivery. Today, Objectif Lune is a global leader in composition, business process automation, multi-channel output and capture solutions. From offices spanning 5 continents and 13 countries, the company provides a flexible platform for the creation and automation of interactive customer communications across print, web, email and mobile, with solutions perfectly scaling to the needs of SMBs and enterprise clients. 

An IT system that never goes to sleep

Management of the global network and security infrastructure is centralized in the hands of a small team led by Pierre-Henry Allmendinger, Coordinator, IT Infrastructure. The team works from Montréal, Canada, but is responsible for monitoring infrastructure located around the world. Objectif Lune’s activities never really stop, as the company operates in all time zones. Service needs to be available 24/7.

Objectif Lune is a business that makes its mark as an enhancer of customer experiences. They must set a perfect example. The team in charge of IT monitoring is an important contributor to delivering stellar client service, as client experiences will only be as good as the IT that supports them. Therefore, constant watch is kept available at all key business touch points: product development, professional services, technical support, finance, sales, marketing, training, and so on. An important touchpoint to safeguard is the ability for clients to seamlessly download products. 

Working across time zones makes this an even greater challenge for the small IT monitoring team. They oversee 14 worldwide locations, 400 hosts and 4 048 services, including about 600 virtual machines, for which 20 to 30 indicators are tracked.  

“The sun never sets on our IT system. As our business expanded, so did our global digital footprint. Our Centreon Open Source solution was about four years old and still doing a great job—but the time had come for us to do more with our time and bring even greater responsiveness, without necessarily adding more people to the IT monitoring team,” explains Pierre-Henry Allmendinger, Coordinator, IT infrastructure at Objectif Lune.

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