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About Centreon

Centreon is a trusted global provider of business-aware IT monitoring for always-on operations and performance excellence. The company cuts cost and complexity out of IT operations, empowering innovation and competitive advantage for organizations reaching for their full potential in today’s digital economy.
Provider of Busines-Aware IT monitoring

A privately held company, Centreon was created in 2005 when its founders envisioned an entirely new approach to IT monitoring based on an Open Source software framework. Today, Centreon has grown into a leader in business-aware IT monitoring, its platform is used by enterprise customers around the world to eliminate costly downtime and align their IT operations with their business goals.

The world runs on increasingly complex IT demanding always-on performance. Organizations must keep an unblinking eye on their IT infrastructure and operations to ensure service uptime and peak network availability. Centreon’s mission is to provide IT teams with the holistic visibility and insights they need to meet this challenge and deliver business performance excellence.

The Centreon Platform:

Holistic, Business-Aware and Future-Ready

Driving innovative business processes and optimizing customer experience today requires support for the mix of applications and workflows that reside in the cloud, at the edge and everywhere in between. The company’s holistic IT monitoring platform is renowned for its unique ability to monitor today’s complex and converging infrastructures, from Cloud-to-Edge. Centreon provides IT operations with insights mapped to a business context, enhancing problem solving, optimizing critical systems and ultimately driving performance excellence. The platform is continually evolving to support the latest transformative technologies — from artificial intelligence (AI) and AIOps, to Internet of Things (IoT) and the empowered edge, to virtualization, containerization, multicloud and beyond — in the never-ending journey to modern IT.

Centreon is trusted by public and private sector SMB, enterprise and multinational customers around the world across financial services and insurance, industry, utilities, telecommunications, retail, transportation and logistics, Tourism, media and government. Its customers include leading brands.

Alongside its growing, global network of strategic partners, resellers, enterprise system integrators and MSPs, Centreon delivers, technical support, expertise services and training. Its head offices are located in Paris and Toronto, with sales offices in Geneva, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Toulouse, France.

Centreon’s DNA is Open Source

Centreon was born in Open Source. The fundamentals of collaboration, flexibility and interoperability remain at the company’s core and are the driving force behind its growth. Today, Centreon stewards a dynamic, global Open Source community of more than 200,000 IT professionals that inspire technology advancements and innovation.

Corporate Milestones

2003 Open Source project launched by founders Julien Mathis and Romain Le Merlus.
2005 Company is created.
2008 Launch of Centreon commercial IT monitoring platform.
2009 Centreon IT monitoring platform enhanced with business-aware extensions.
2013 Growth of international network of partners and customers.
2015 Corporate growth strategy advanced to encompass multisite enterprises and SMBs.
2018 Expanded operations into North America and The Benelux Union. New offices established in Toronto, Luxembourg and Geneva.
2019 Strategic new channel and technology partnerships established in Europe and North America. IT monitoring platform is expanded to support dynamic multicloud environments, containers, distributed networks and IoT.
2020 Centreon increases its work force by over 30% and doubles revenues from 2015.
Smart Monitoring:

Monitoring for Cloud-to-Edge Performance

Modern IT demands a modern approach IT monitoring. Digital business today is comprised of a complex, distributed mix of Cloud-to-Edge services and applications tasked to perform optimally at the intersection of people, objects and business objectives. With IT excellence driving business performance, IT monitoring must be holistic and unified, future-ready and business-aware. At Centreon we call this “Smart Monitoring”.
A platform that can monitor IT from on-premise to the cloud to the edge, that can embrace the internet of things (IoT), edge computing and multicloud environments — in all their diversity. Tightly integrated with a greater ITOps, SecOps and DevOps production environment.
A platform that can automatically adapt to the constant evolution of a complex, distributed IT infrastructure, continuously evolving and fueled by the desire for increased business agility in a hyper-competitive, always-on business landscape. It must also leverage the power of AI and support both domain-centric and domain-agnostic AIOps models to provide actionable insights.
A platform that can map IT infrastructure and operations priorities to business needs, through contextually-rich insights. In this way, IT operations excellence can drive business performance and results.
IT monitoring
IT operation management
Transformative IT:

The Never-Ending Journey to Modern IT

IT continually reinvents itself with new ways to implement and deliver innovative services with greater speed, agility or cost-effectiveness. This tasks IT operations with the challenge of maintaining infrastructure and services that layer decades of once-innovative technologies with new technologies — all while preparing for the next wave of modernity. This is transformative IT, a never-ending journey to modern IT.

Successfully navigating any journey into the unknown is made safer and easier with a guide, a trusted partner that can provide insights to help IT operations understand modern IT while facilitating the task of making it work to unlock full business potential. Key to avoiding pitfalls on the path to modern IT are:

A clear and simple approach to managing complex layers of new and legacy infrastructure.
Infrastructure and operations platforms deployed must be future-ready and equipped to be up to the task in 5 or 10 years and beyond.
Layering, integrating and adapting an infinite number of technologies is the massive Lego construction game that IT professionals play every day to deliver IT excellence and business performance.


Centreon is a global provider of business-aware IT monitoring for always-on operations and performance excellence. The company’s AIOps-ready, business-aware IT monitoring platform is renowned for its unique ability to monitor today’s complex and converging infrastructures, from Cloud-to-Edge. Privately held, Centreon was founded in 2005 with roots in Open Source software. The company continues to steward a dynamic Open Source framework and a growing, vibrant global community of 200,000. Today, Centreon is trusted by organizations of all sizes across a wide range of public and private sectors. Its head offices are located in Paris and Toronto, with sales offices in Geneva, Luxembourg and Toulouse.