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SD-WAN: What If You Actually Switched to Monitoring?

Blog SD-WAN: What If You Actually Switched to Monitoring?

Many organizations have implemented SD-WAN to enhance performance and connectivity. Yet, it rarely offers optimal visibility into all performance improvement levers. Here’s how to improve SD-WAN monitoring.

According to IDC predictions, global spending on SD-WAN managed services is expected to grow by 21% annually to more than $15 billion by 2026. The same study revealed that 95% of organizations have adopted an SD-WAN solution. In the corporate world, SD-WAN has gained popularity as an answer to three major concerns:

  • optimizing connectivity, 
  • improving employee performance,
  • cost optimization.

While SD-WAN vendors deliver a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box monitoring features, these are unfortunately not always enough.

SD-WAN: a must for 360° visibility

SD-WAN solutions usually provide visibility into bandwidth, infrastructure devices, network layers and deliver real-time data. But for optimal monitoring, you need visibility into the underlay (the underlying physical network layer that provides transport of data packets between devices), as well as the user experience and incident history. For SD-WAN to reach its full potential, it is necessary to take a step back and take in the whole picture with granular visibility into fundamental infrastructure layers, including network configuration (DNS, TLS), Internet routing, cloud, web page loading and API processing, and ultimately optimize the performance of SaaS and cloud applications.

How to improve SD-WAN monitoring?

Don’t lose sight of the basics. The goal of monitoring your SD-WAN is to ensure that services are delivered to users with optimal availability and the right response times. This means measuring the performance of the LAN, all network sub-layers, measuring the impact of DNS redirects or data traffic. Managing SD-WAN performance requires a combination of different monitoring techniques that are never fully integrated into SD-WAN solutions. Therefore, you will need to supplement their native monitoring capabilities to apply best practices to keep user performance at its best.

Monitoring your SD-WAN allows you to go further in managing the performance of your business connectivity. With Centreon’s DEM (Digital Experience Monitoring) extension, enjoy greater visibility into your IT!

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