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User Stories
TFO chooses Centreon as the starting point of a visibility culture, leveraging better collaboration and reporting capabilities

“In TFO’s sophisticated digital environment, IT monitoring plays a key role in delivering superior digital experiences to users—and so does, logically, our ability to report on IT service quality accurately and meaningfully for constant optimization. ...

User Stories
CCMA migrates to a modernized and more secured IT monitoring platform

“Broadcasting being an essential public service, our migration project needed to be failsafe. Working with IThinkUPC and the Centreon IT Edition, we were able to launch our new IT monitoring platform with full confidence, with ...

User Stories
Pixagility: when IT Monitoring helps to provide seamless video broadcast experiences

With its unique technological expertise, Pixagility helps European and African broadcasters enhance video content for their audiences. Pixagility uses Centreon Business Edition to provide seamless video broadcast experiences – from infrastructure to viewers’ screens With its ...