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Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

Newsroom Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

Partnerships and Strategic Alliances are central to Centreon’s 2017 growth strategy

In order to support its development, Centreon is launching a “Partnership and Alliance” policy with IT services companies in order to serve the key account and medium-sized company segment. Based on the “virtuous circle” principle, the program relies above all on a system where partners’ permanent skills are continuously upgraded and where they are accompanied by Centreon’s teams.

Founded in 2005, Centreon is an independent French publisher of IT monitoring solutions. After relying for many years on an economic model based on free Open source, the company is accelerating its transition towards a software publishing model through the creation of a network of high-added-value partners with IT service providers and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), based on the Centreon EMS(*) offer. These partnerships will take on different forms depending on the trade components of these IT services companies, depending on whether they specialize in consulting, integration, outsourcing or innovation. They will be able to create Strategic Alliances that bear collaborative projects.

With the creation of its Partners program, Centreon is entering a new fundamental phase in its transition to a software publishing business. The company has decided to revitalize its commercial policy around Centreon EMS (*) and to refocus on its specialization in publisher expertise services by strengthening its collaboration with partners, both in France and internationally.

The new Centreon Partners program is designed for IT services companies and ISVs while also meeting the specific requirements of the IT outsourcing business via adapted conditions. It integrates a complete skill-building system, from pre-sales training to certifying training. Some partners can become Certified Centreon Training Centers. Centreon’s teams assist all of its partners in the pre-sales phases of their projects. In order to meet the needs of key accounts and medium-sized companies, the program is based on three levels: Active, Advanced and Premier, each one accessible according to specific criteria.

All candidate partners that have a project integrate Centreon’s “Open Ecosystem”. They can therefore start collaborating with the publisher with a view towards reaching the Active level, subject to validating their technical skill level and their commercial commitment. To access the Active, Advanced and Premier levels, partners must certify employees and demonstrate a genuine commercial and marketing dynamic. The stronger the partnership commitment and the more advanced the collaboration, the higher the level, with improved commercial terms and benefits in terms of access to publisher staff and resources (commercial, marketing, technical, R&D).

Prerequisites according to the levels:

  • Active: This is the program’s first level, in which the partners obtain pre-sales training. To reach this level, partners must certify at least 2 employees and complete at least 2 projects during the year.
  • Advanced: To reach this second level, partners must have 2 to 8 employees that are certified and complete at least 3 projects during the year.
  • Premier: the highest level, partners must have at least 9 certified employees and complete at least 5 projects during the year.

International projects enable companies to speed up access to higher levels within the program. This program also aims to foster co-innovation, a value held dear to Centreon, whose DNA has always led it to rely on a very active community of users-contributors.

Partners that are active as of January 1, 2017 will be offered advantageous network membership terms. They will be formally included in the program based on their past sales and the technical skills of their employees. The latter will be offered the possibility of accessing certification via gateway training. Through this approach, Centreon aims to reward partners who have invested in Centreon solutions in the past by training their employees and by completing innovative projects.

In addition, Centreon will highlight both its French and international partners by making them visible on its website. In addition, they will be able to display a Partner logo according to their level in the program. Advanced and First-level partners will benefit from co-marketing actions and a dedicated co-innovation system.

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