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Centreon innovates with Centreon IMP

Newsroom Centreon innovates with Centreon IMP

Centreon innovates with Centreon IMP by making IT monitoring accessible to  smaller enterprises by online subscription.

Centreon, the leader in open source monitoring solutions, has adopted a new approach developed following more than ten years’ experience working with multinationals.  With 400 corporate clients, worldwide and more than 200,000 users daily, the Centreon Open Source solution has become one of the de facto standards of the monitoring market.

In 2017, Centreon has decided to innovate by launching Centreon IMP, a packaged solution aimed at medium sized companies with moderately sized IT departments (less than 10 staff).  This solution is based on Centreon 3.4, the new open source IT monitoring platform.  It is available as a paid download on the company’s internet site, a first for a software publisher in this sector.  Centreon IMP can be downloaded from

In an increasingly digital and complex corporate environment, monitoring is now an urgent requirement for every company.   However, medium sized companies suffer from a lack of human and financial resources and technical skills which sometimes act as impediments to installing an IT monitoring system.  In response to these problems, CENTRON has created a packaged solution, Centreon IMP.  Specifically for Small to Medium sized companies, and especially small IT departments, it meets all the monitoring needs of IT teams of up to 10 employees, whether they are inexperienced or expert in monitoring solutions.

Centreon IMP is first and foremost a simply, reliable, and reassuring solution, accessible to all.  It especially focuses on the immediate deployment of IT monitoring using the standard domains and protocols of the IT world.  Monitoring checks, notices and measures of IT assets are natively integrated and ready for use, once they have been deployed.

Designed for IT managers in smaller organizations, the Centron IMP solution makes it easy to implement an IT monitoring system quickly and reliably.   It eliminates the manual steps of searching, developing and integrating monitoring probes needed when launching the monitoring indicators.  Based on the Centreon open source platform, above all its aims to be flexible, powerful and reliable.  It adapts to all environments, and especially hybrid infrastructures (physical, virtual, cloud) all at an attractive price.  Centreon IMP includes Centreon ‘Plugin Packs’ which provide turnkey, pre-configured indicators, and make it easy to add new equipment and applications to the monitoring scope.   They make it easy and quick to implement monitoring solutions based on the specific needs of each company.  Close to 170 Plugin Packs are already available and ready to use.

Centreon IMP

Centreon has the Plugin Pack Manager, a native management console for the Plugin Packs.  Simple and intuitive to use, it provides online access to the Plugin Packs (monitoring pack), facilitates their installation along with the use of monitoring indicators

Centreon IMP’s strengths:

  • A packaged IT monitoring solution available online, designed to cope with the constraints of SMEs and MSEs.
  • An open source base via the Centreon monitoring platform, based on Nagios® concepts, with an ergonomic interface and used by hundreds of thousands of IT professionals worldwide.
  • Ready to use indicators, via a vast online catalog of nearly 170 Centreon Plugin Packs: preconfigured service models to immediately supervise monitor any type of IT assets, in any kind of hybrid infrastructure (centralized and distributed).
  • Access to existing Plugin Packs updates as well as new Plugin Packs.
  • Online support
  • A FAQ section that answer the key issues on Centreon IMP.
  • Access on online documentation as well as community resources: Github, forum, etc.

The sum of all these advantages therefore makes the Centreon IMP solution one of a kind.  It is extremely attractive from a price point of view Centreon IMP gives unlimited access to its Plugin Packs catalog. It is available to download either as a monthly subscription from €175 ex. VAT/month or as an annual purchase at €1,500 ex VAT/year.

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More information about Centreon IMP.


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