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Mind in a Box Partners with Centreon for Turnkey Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions at the Edge

Newsroom Mind in a Box Partners with Centreon for Turnkey Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions at the Edge

The Canada-based Inmind spin off is both an integrator and an MSP, offering in one pizza-sized box Centreon IT monitoring as well as all the necessary components for business intelligence—from hardware to software to services and expertise, offering a game-changing option for small and mid-sized businesses to acquire enterprise-grade powerful analytics and AI capabilities.

Paris & Toronto–May 17, 2022Centreon, a trusted partner for IT operational excellence and Mind in a Box, an integrator and MSP democratizing analytics and AI, are announcing their partnership. Mind in a Box leverages Centreon’s holistic and business-aware IT monitoring platform within packaged solutions that ignite Industry 4.0 journeys, providing access to business intelligence capabilities that were up to now out of reach to most mid-sized organizations. Based in Montréal, Canada, Mind in a Box innovates with a “plug and play” approach to analytics and AI. The company packs within a single pizza-sized box the hardware and software required for advanced analytics and AI capabilities, plus provides the expert services to install, configure, manage, and support in-house teams, at a cost that’s accessible to smaller-size organizations. The only thing left to do for Mind in a Box clients is to start profiting from their data to build a more effective and resilient organization. Mind in a Box also uses the Centreon IT monitoring platform to monitor its own operations.

Mind in a Box is a game changer for mid-sized organizations—they can now realize the full benefits of analytics and AI in a cost-effective manner, solutions which in turn enable performance at a broader level, helping organizations become more resource efficient, improve security, and better respond to disruptive forces,” says Jérémie Farret, Mind in a Box’s CEO and CTO.

Mind in a Box is an enterprise born from the initiative of our partner Inmind, and we’re proud to be part of such an innovative approach to delivering advanced data-driven intelligence,” said Marc-Antoine Hostier, Chief Operating Officer at Centreon. “We develop Centreon with an equal commitment towards integration, first through cloud-to-edge monitoring, and second, by interfacing with the key tools used by modern ITOps and DevOps to leverage infrastructure-generated data for business observability. In short, Mind in a Box and Centreon pursue a common goal: make simple and attainable what was previously complex and out of reach for mid-sized businesses,” concludes Marc-Antoine Hostier.

A concrete first step to the Industry 4.0 journey

Industry 4.0 is defined by the interconnectivity IoT enables and always more powerful real-time connectivity for data access. It implies a high level of integration between physical systems, software, and analytical and AI platforms. Valentin Dubuc, Mind in a Box’s Director of Business Development and Partnerships further explains: “The transition to Industry 4.0 can be daunting, especially for mid-sized organizations who may not have the in-house financial and human resources to cover all the Industry 4.0 fronts simultaneously. Yet Industry 4.0 has the potential to make these organizations more resilient and effective, so it’s sort of a chicken or egg situation,” adds Valentin Dubuc. Through a business intelligence approach that’s both nimble and cost-friendly, Mind in a Box clients, ranging from organizations counting 250 to 50,000 employees, reported 20 times more performance as well as strengthened operations. “Mind in a Box is all about end-to-end support—our final product is business intelligence,” says Valentin. “We provide the hardware, then the software layer—often robust and API-based platforms, such as Centreon, Accedian, Splunk, or Elastic, so we can tailor the solution to the client’s exact needs. And on top of this, we deliver exhaustive expert services, to configure, manage the solution, and support in-house users.” Harnessing such smart, all-in-a-box solutions (hence the company’s name), organizations gain a multifaceted understanding of their operations. The business intelligence can then be translated into boosted productivity, improved resilience, and growth.

Rise of the edge

In the midst of the general enthusiasm for the cloud, people thought at first we were crazy to invest in hardware,” recalls Valentin. “But the organizations we support are deepening their operations’ digitization, which calls for massive investments at the edge. That’s why we conceived a physical box that sits close to where the data is generated and most needed.” Mind in a Box is exactly that:  an edge-based physical box the size of a pizza box, which packs the full power of a server, integrating state of the art, AI-ready computing power to sift and analyze data from over 3000 native data sources, via software platforms that complement each other. “In this context, Centreon’s 600+ Monitoring Packs (Plugin Packs) are a crucial element,” notes Valentin Dubuc. Mixing on-premises proximity with the flexibility of managed services, Mind in a Box’s unique approach provides organizations with the flexibility and ease of the cloud, but with a performance only an edge-based solution can offer.

Data insights on demand and on budget for increased reliability

With such turnkey solutions, any organization can now profit from data insights on demand without the headache of designing, acquiring, and maintaining a complex set of hardware and solutions. “With Mind in a Box, organizations get instant insights at their fingertips, powered by any data, no matter its source or location,” says Valentin Dubuc. The solution is production ready, always active, always up-to-date, and always watching over our client’s infrastructure and data for maximum reliability. “Above being an integrator and managed services provider, Mind in a Box is an optimization expert. Our end goal is to offer the solutions that improve the resilience, sustainability, security, and performance of organizations at the most friendly ownership and operation cost. Centreon helps us achieve this goal ,” concludes Jérémie Farret.


About Centreon

Centreon is a global provider of business-aware IT monitoring for always-on operations and performance excellence. The company’s AIOps-ready, business-aware IT monitoring platform is renowned for its unique ability to monitor today’s complex and converging infrastructure, from Cloud-to-Edge. Privately held, Centreon was founded in 2005 with roots in open source software. The company continues to steward a dynamic open-source framework and a growing, vibrant global community of 200,000. Today, Centreon is trusted by organizations of all sizes across a wide range of public and private sectors. Its head offices are located in Paris and Toronto, with sales offices in Geneva, Luxembourg and Toulouse. For more information, visit


About Mind in a Box

Mind in a Box believes in the mass adoption of easy to use, cost efficient and pre-optimized solutions to tackle Society’s greatest challenges such as limited resources, security needs, environmental concerns. Mind in a Box is set on playing its part in providing such solutions and easing their adoption for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium, as well as public organizations. We help you turn your data into insights, secure and improve your infrastructure, and we bring you the best and the newest endpoint practices including edge computing and IoT. For more information visit:


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