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Centreon expands hosting capacity for its SaaS customers in North America

Newsroom Centreon expands hosting capacity for its SaaS customers in North America

Centreon Cloud is now hosted on AWS in North America, in addition to Europe.  

Paris & Toronto, February 8, 2023Centreon, a leader in digital performance monitoring, announces today the opening of a new hosting region in North America for Centreon Cloud.

After Europe, North America becomes a second hosting region for Centreon Cloud, bringing the Centreon SaaS performance monitoring platform closer to international organizations looking to monitor their infrastructure, network, and digital experience performance. In addition to improving responsiveness, application performance, and resiliency for local customers, this new hosting region makes the Centreon Cloud platform fully available both in the U.S. and in Europe, making it easier for international organizations to access SaaS monitoring and quickly detect and fix critical issues on their IT infrastructure, networks, and applications.

This launch meets the accelerating demand from North American organizations for the Centreon Cloud SaaS monitoring platform, an efficient and cost-effective solution matching their needs for more innovation, performance, and efficiency in running operations.

“We are excited about our growth and increased focus in North America. With 15% of our community users residing there and a 50% ARR growth in 2022, this region is one of the most dynamic for Centreon. The Centreon team will continue to deploy more offers and high value-adding services in targeted regions to drive growth,” says Julien Mathis, CEO and co-founder of Centreon.

Centreon Cloud, launched in December 2022, is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and is available in all geographic regions for both IT and Business Editions, with options tailored to the needs of organizations.

About Centreon

A leader in digital performance monitoring, Centreon has been developing a unique expertise in monitoring infrastructure, networks, and digital user experience since 2005. A thousand clients – public organizations, enterprises, and MSPs worldwide, an extended network of 80 partners, and 250,000 users in 60 countries, count on Centreon every day. With a 160-people team working from five different countries, Centreon posts a 35% average yearly growth.For more information, visit


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