IT infrastructure and application monitoring for service performance

Originally rooted in making Nagios easier to use and manage, Centreon has since come a long way.  Keeping the best of open source, Centreon is a full-fledged industry-strength solution that meets the needs of the most demanding IT management teams.

Whether you need a comprehensive or partial solution for your network, server, application or service performance monitoring needs, Centreon makes it easy to test, adopt, extend and scale.  Find out why our customers use Centreon and browse the many advantages of Centreon’s software products and features.

centreon-picto_36Customer references

centreon-picto-progressionBetter performance

Take advantage of a really innovative tool illustrated by our latest technical advances in terms of performance and integration of Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker

centreon-picto-mise-a-jourOpen Source modules

Enjoy a unique and centralised view of your whole information system by supplementing Centreon with extensions developed by the Centreon teams

Find Open Source modules


Benefit from Open Source modularity and flexibility to build a solution that meets your needs

centreon-picto-stabiliteNetwork Monitoring

Monitor your complex and heterogeneous computer environment simply using  the integrated supervision protocols (SNMP, WMI, JMX, HTTP, Web Services, …)

centreon-picto-ecranRobustness and reliability

Centreon is based on the Nagios© Open Source collection engine and now offers you a choice of collection engines (Nagios, Centreon Engine, Icinga …)
Why Centreon ?
Centreon is a Free and Open Source software
You can develop the software according to your needs by contributing to the Centreon project.
Designed by the members of its developers community, Centreon benefits from contributions from users located throughout the world and adapts to changes in the international market.
Centreon’s developers ensure that they comply with development norms and standards that make the software compatible with other solutions.
As Centreon’s code is available, security failings are detected and corrected rapidly. It is therefore more reliable.
Centreon relies on an international community. The Centreon project is based on the operational and economic interest of its users and developers.

Implemented in increasingly complex environments, Centreon’s behaviour remains unrivalled. The capacity for development and flexibility provided by the addition of extensions to the Centreon software suite ensures incomparable opportunities to improve its performance.

In addition, the multiplicity and diversity of needs within organisations has caused the Merethis R&D team to offer complementary and specific third-party software providing high added value enabling the extension of Centreon’s operational mix and meeting the expectations of ISDs.

Finally its intuitive web interface means that it is simple and pleasant to use for the greatest number of users.