Map the topology of your application and IT infrastructure

Centreon Map meets three most essential IT monitoring requirements:

  • Model views according to your business challenges
  • Harness day-to-day correlated monitoring and making it visible
  • Customise views for different user profiles

With Centreon Map, you are able to instantly visualize the flows of inter-resource exchange, and have a macro or micro view of the operational state of target resources.

Centreon Map’s screens allow you to build multiple topical views: networks, geography, technical components, applications, contribution of technical services to business activities, etc.

Why Centreon Map ?

The implementation and technologies used with Centreon Map help timely visualisation of your monitored IT infrastructure and applications with:

  • Drag and drop functionalities
  • Object and real time state synchronization with Centreon
  • A large graphical palette of components (geometric shapes, links, text)

Centreon Map is an effective tool for centralized management, enabled through:

  • Views limited by access control lists
  • “Drill Down” navigation
  • Workspace and alert customization
  • “Administrators” and “users“ have dedicated system views
  • Remote troubleshooting, day-to-day monitoring operations

Centreon Map provides an advanced and customizable presentation of real time services, processes and flows.

The main features

centreon-picto_36Modeling views studio

You get a workspace and tools dedicated to creating views. The object palette can handle, via drag and drop mechanisms system, geometric shapes of text fields, resources of monitoring and images.

The creation of interconnection links (key feature) allows the display of network flows, information of availability and a scale of real-time use on any metric polled by Centreon.

centreon-picto-clavierAutomatic synchronization of resources

Data synchronization with Centreon repository facilitates the views update each time new resources are added, modified or deleted in Centreon.

The implementation and maintenance work for the mapping is simplified. This synchronization allows the automatic creation of views based on the parent/child relationships, groups or dependencies.

centreon-picto-rechercheSuitable use for Network Operation Control (NOC)

Its state change notifications (sound alert, size or color change, resource blinking or pop up display) and the real-time update integrates seamlessly with a NOC.

Multiple views can be presented in a single screen.

The view rotation feature gives operators an overview of infrastructure, interconnections and applications.

Operators have variety of actions and tools at their disposal such as:

  • Acknowledgment alerts
  • Downtime triggering, planning or disabling
  • Remote troubleshooting (Telnet, SSH, RDP)
  • Launch of applications hosted on the user client
  • Access to event logs, performance graphics, dependency links between elements.
  • Reading procedures.
Centreon Map screenshots