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You did it. Thank you for filling out the form. You swiped right on a potential new partnership and we want to make this match work.

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in the ON Partner Program. Let’s get to know each other and learn if making money from a lot of happy customers is a good fit for your business this year.

We’re Centreon and our business of making the world run on IT can be your business. We’re only signing a few partners (and investing a lot in them). We hope you’re one of them.

Centreon Partner Program: ON

Experience our “Partner first” approach and the benefits of partnering with Centreon. Together, let’s work for operational excellence in IS.

Why your customers need you to have Centreon

Welcome to the new world of Always-On IT

The world runs on IT. It is at the very core of everything we do today in business and our personal lives. It must be available whenever and wherever business operates — without compromise. No IT means no business.

Need for Always-On IT

Your customers need to monitor an expanded footprint of their entire environment including migration to multi-cloud. Centreon is the modern monitoring tool for today’s enterprise.

Pressure for cost optimization

Your customers have increased responsibilities with shrinking budgets. They need better TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), optimized processes and a reduced number of vendors. Centreon saves your customers money while protecting your margins and increasing your service.

Learn more about the ON Program

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Learn about the landscape, trends, and main challenges of IT monitoring as faced by your peers

MSPs and IT Monitoring

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Post Covid-19 Recovery

Check out these insights into post-COVID rebuilding for digital performance and ITOps

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