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Always-On IT

Always-on Business
AIOPs-Ready IT monitoring
IT is the heartbeat of business in a global, hyper-competitive market that never sleeps nor slows down. It must be always-on — with networks, services and applications performing optimally and delivering seamless customer experience.

The world runs on IT. It is at the very core of everything we do today in business and our personal lives. It must be available whenever and wherever business operates — without compromise. No IT means no business.

Customers and employees expect services available at their fingertips at any moment of the day and night, and the global scope of business means it truly never sleeps. Neither can IT. Business-critical applications must be continuously available and performing optimally – around the globe in the cloud and data centers, and on smart devices. Businesses today must have an unblinking eye on IT, ensuring service uptime and peak performance. Downtime or network outages can cost businesses billions from cascading failures and, worse, drive customers away. Business today cannot afford to slow down or go down. It must be always-on, and so too must its IT operations.

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The world runs on IT. Today, no IT means no Business.

Our Vision

The world runs on ever-changing and increasingly complex technology. This requires highly adaptive teams who can streamline and simplify IT to better support the performance and availability required to meet customer needs, competitive challenges and future opportunities sparked by IT-led innovation.

As the world continues its never-ending journey to modern IT, new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, blockchain, containerization and the Internet of Things (IoT) bring opportunity but also further complexity. This threatens to stall the ability for businesses to innovate and improve operations. Only through Centreon clarity – clear and holistic IT visibility aligned with business goals – can IT become transformative and unlock full potential.

Enabling IT-led visibility for business performance excellence.

Our mission

Centreon provides IT operations with visibility from Cloud-to-Edge, enabling performance excellence, innovation and competitive advantage so the business reaches its full potential.

Centreon’s mission is to create value for its customers, partners and stakeholders by unlocking the full potential of business through IT visibility and performance excellence. Our holistic, business-aware platform consolidates and streamlines IT monitoring and future-proofs IT operations, promoting reliable uptime, reducing the cost and complexity of IT, optimizing business-critical systems and applications and offering a single-source of truth for IT operations.

Centreon recognizes that driving innovative business processes and customer experience today requires support for the mix of applications and IT workflows that reside in the cloud, at the edge and everywhere in between. The demanding task of IT monitoring is one that requires end-to-end visibility across the IT infrastructure, while mapping to business objectives and key performance indicators. Centreon’s mission is to provide a platform that enables IT-led innovation and performance excellence through a business-aware, comprehensive and clear view of IT operations — from Cloud-to-Edge.

With Centreon clarity, organizations can streamline and simplify IT to maximize performance and availability, support the adoption of new technologies and business processes and ultimately drive business success in a hyper-competitive, always-on world.

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Centreon's business aware IT monitoring platform
A trusted partner for future-ready, Modern IT operations excellence.

Who are we ?

Centreon is a trusted global provider of business-aware IT monitoring for always-on operations and performance excellence – from Cloud-to-Edge.

Centreon is a trusted global provider of business-aware IT monitoring that provides digital organizations with the intuitive, mission-critical insights and unified views into on-premise, cloud and edge technologies needed to drive IT operations excellence. Our customers entrust us with their most crucial assets: the performance of their IT operations and their future-readiness.

Centreon’s holistic monitoring platform comprehensively covers the performance and operational needs of both business and IT professionals, providing end-to-end visibility and insights into IT operations and aligning them with business objectives. AIOps-ready, Centreon’s IT monitoring platform provides business and IT teams with confidence that they are prepared to innovate and adopt whatever advanced technologies the future holds.

Holistic, business-aware, AIOps-ready IT monitoring from Cloud-to-Edge

Value Proposition

Centreon’s AIOps-ready IT monitoring platform provides holistic visibility to complex IT workflows from Cloud-to-Edge.

Centreon enables innovation and competitive advantage for today’s digital businesses as they grow and innovate. It provides a simple, clear view of complex IT workflows on-premise, in the cloud and at the edge to drive business process improvement and performance excellence.

Fierce competition is driving business agility. IT operations must respond with the same high degree of agility while managing a myriad of new and legacy systems using multiple toolsets. To create great customer experience, IT must operate wherever and on whatever the business touches, calling for monitoring that is both future-proof and comprehensive.

By delivering holistic, business-aware, AIOps-ready monitoring, Centreon is empowering digital organizations to reach their business goals today and tomorrow.

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