Frequently asked questions / Solutions - Products

1. How do I get the price list for Centreon solutions & products?
Please contact us and talk to our sales team or email
2. What does Centreon product roadmap look like? And where can I find it?
Our roadmap is updated on a quarterly basis and is shared with customers upon request. If you are a Centreon customer, please “opt in” to receive our news and notifications. If you are interested in Centreon solutions and products but you are not yet a customer, please contact us.
3. Do I need to pay to get access to Centreon's monitoring platform?

No.  Centreon (formerly known as CES Standard) is fully open source and free to use. You can download and install it right away.  You only pay if you want Centreon EMS for enterprise, Centreon IMP for SMBs, or any of our add-on software modules such as Centreon EPP, MAP, BAM or MBI.

4. How do I order Centreon products?

You can sign up and pay online for Centreon IMP. For Centreon EMS and all other Centreon software products, please contact our sales team to receive a quote within 48 hours.

5. How can I try Centreon products?

To try out the Centreon monitoring system or platform with Centreon Plugin Packs (found in Centreon EPP and Centreon IMP), simply download HERE to install and run. Don’t forget to sign up and create your user account if you wish to take advantage of 5 extra Plugin Packs that cover network protocol indicators in addition to native SNMP protocols.

To try out Centreon MAP, BAM or MBI, contact us for a demo and trial version.

6. How does Centreon compare against other enterprise monitoring market players?
As an open source monitoring solution provider who’s been in the business for more than 10 years, Centreon is a leading industry reference for many users familiar with Nagios standards. Our customers include both Fortune 500 corporations as well as SMBs as we deliver one of the most competitive value-for-money monitoring solutions in the market. Talk to our sales reps to find out how Centreon software functionalities measure up.
7. Is it possible to acquire a trial license for Centreon products?

Absolutely and remember – to use Centreon, there is no need for a trial license as we have made it completely accessible and free to use for as long as you want.  For a trial license of Centreon MAP, Centreon BAM and Centreon MBI, please fill out the online form.  To sample Centreon EPP, sign up and receive 5 free Centreon Plugin Packs that cover essential network protocols (DHCP, DNS, HTTP, LDAP).

8. I want to use Centreon EMS for a lab or pre-production environment. Do you have a special license for this?
Yes. We offer up to 50% reduction for license and support in a lab or pre-production environment. To better scope out your need, please contact us.
9. We are an IT hosting and outsourcing services company that offers monitoring to several clients. Does Centreon have a special solution or license model for us?
We encourage you to check out Centreon EMS.  It has been conceived to be comprehensive and scalable, with very competitive price brackets that meet the needs of many large multi-site infrastructures, including those of IT hosting and outsourcing service companies.  However, if you have some specific requirements you’d like to explore with Centreon, please contact us.
10. Why do you no longer offer CES Essential, Advanced and Complete?
The CES bundles (Essential, Advanced, Complete) have been discontinued and re-structured under a new product and solution strategy. We kept and built on some of the software components and functionalities that were highly valued and popular with our customers, streamlining them into 2 main solutions: Centreon EMS for multi-site enterprise monitoring, and Centreon IMP for immediate SMB IT monitoring. If you are interested in a software functionality that was previously found in any of the CES bundles, please contact us.
11. Why has CES Standard been re-named Centreon?
CES Standard was an earlier software bundle of different components built and supported to work with Nagios. Today, that software bundle has become an innovative tripartite and autonomous open source system made up of Centreon Engine, Centreon Broker and Centreon Web that delivers a robust and proven monitoring-ready platform. We wanted to recognize this coming of age of our holistic signature solution and give it the brand namesake that users associate with us.
12. Why did Centreon re-name its Centreon software to Centreon Web?
When we first started, Centreon software was the UI console to manage Nagios monitoring. Today, Centreon’s signature software and solution offers so much more than just the UI console. It is a complete open source monitoring platform in itself – one that we proudly and freely share. Therefore, we believe our signature software deserves the namesake of what we stand for today and our history, while Centreon Web is the better name to describe its web UI, one of 3 major components that make up Centreon.