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Frequently asked questions / Services

1. Does Centreon carry out integration and installation if needed? And where?
Our team of software and monitoring experts and consultants deliver professional services that accompany customers in installation, migration, operational maintenance, interoperability, among others. Download the Centreon ProServices factsheet for more information. Centreon may recommend a local integrator partner if necessary.
2. Does Centreon carry out monitoring audits?
Centreon ProServices offer operational monitoring audit on any Centreon platform as part of its operational performance services. Learn more here. Centreon does not perform monitoring audits on other monitoring systems.
3. Does Centreon charge for setting up a PoC?
Yes. We consider a PoC to be as good as a production solution, ensuring it is operationally reliable and deployment-ready. Please contact our sales team and ask for our Quickstart POC service package.
4. Why do I need to renew my techsupport and maintenance contract every year?
You are strongly encouraged to this to benefit from the continuous evolution of R&D improvements and updates to your Centreon software. This contributes to the optimal performance and maintenance of your Centreon monitoring system as a whole.
5. Do you have a Training Program?
Yes. Find all the details on our Centreon Monitoring Academy page.
6. What are the technical requirements (HW, SW) to set up a Centreon platform?
Please read the Installation chapter of our documentation.
7. Can Centreon help to assess and advise the type of Centreon solution my company may need?
Yes, our Centreon ProServices team can help you do this by first understanding your business activity and what matters most in your ITOM. Then a drill-down into the number of infrastructure assets such as hosts and services that need to be monitored are agreed upon, and a recommendation for setting up KPIs, checkpoints and advanced metrics is made, corresponding to your business operations.
8. Centreon used to offer software extensions such as WAA, auto-discovery, Syslog, etc. How can I get them?
These extensions have been phased out.
9. I have an old CES version integrated with Nagios. Can Centreon help with upgrade and integration to Centreon?
Yes, Centreon ProServices (CPS) offers a Quickstart Migration package to help with this, starting from 6,990 euros. Contact us for a consultation.
10. I am using Nagios and would like to centralize monitoring on the Centreon system. Can you help with migration?
Yes, Centreon ProServices (CPS) offers a Quickstart Migration package to help with this, starting from 6,990 euros. Contact us for a consultation.
11. I am using part proprietary and part open source for monitoring and would like to integrate Centreon. Can you help?
Yes, Centreon ProServices (CPS) offers a Quickstart Migration package to help with this, starting from 6,990 euros. Contact us for a consultation.
12. Is your technical support 24/7?

Our published support plans work on European timezone to cover operations from 8am to 6pm. We offer 24/7 support plans for specific customer requirements on an on-demand service agreement basis. Please contact us if you need 24/7 support.

13. How does Centreon technical support handle issues?


Regardless of the annual support plan, Centreon TechSupport (CTS) adheres to a 3×3 response escalation and criticality policy and engages to treat a raised ticket within 90 minutes. The ticket is assigned accordingly to 1 of 3 expertise level based on the software implicated: core, specific or third party software, to be resolved and/or be escalated further, depending on the criticality of the problem.

Criticality is defined in 3 categories: blocking, major and minor. Problems of a “blocking” nature is deemed to severely impact the entire monitoring system, making it impossible to run any monitoring operations. “Major” problems are those that partially impact the monitoring system and operations. “Minor” problems do not disrupt the monitoring system or operations and have to do with software usage such as bugs in discovery of services or failure linked to ACL, incorrect reporting, etc.

Core software refers to any software developed and maintained officially by Centreon e.g. Centreon Engine, Centreon Broker, Centreon Web, etc. Third party software refers to any software developed and maintained by a party or parties outside Centreon, whether proprietary or open source. For example, this could mean contributions by Centreon community collaborators such as Centreon 2.3 and also Ubuntu, Debian, Nagios, Apache, PHP, NDOutils, etc. Specific software refers to any software developed by Centreon under a specific service contract that may include customized reports, widgets, custom web views, etc.