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Frequently asked questions / General

1. What is Centreon?
Centreon is both our company name and the name of our product, the Centreon IT Monitoring platform.
2. Who owns Centreon?

Centreon is a privately-held independent company that was founded by CEO, Romain Le Merlus, and CTO, Julien Mathis, in 2005.

3. Where does Centreon operate?

Centreon has over 600+ enterprise customers from all over the world with 70 percent of them in France. In France we operate from Paris and Toulouse, in Canada from Toronto and in Luxembourg from Luxembourg. We also have an aspiring network of international partners in adjacent and select geographies.

4. We offer Centreon-related services and would like to use the Centreon logo on our website. Can we and where can we find the right logo to use?
Yes, as long as our trademark policy and usage is respected. Please also consult our logo and brand guidelines for the right application and to download the logo.
5. We are a company offering integration services for Centreon open source software. Can we list ourselves as a Centreon partner? If no, how do we become a partner?
You may use the Centreon logo to indicate that it’s a technology or software you support but you may not use the term “Centreon Partner”. To become a partner, please contact us.
6. We are a Centreon partner. Is there a special Centreon logo for partners?
No. Please consult our logo and brand guidelines for the right application and logo use.