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MSP REST Solution Relies on Centreon’s Powerful Capabilities for Anywhere, Anytime Client Infrastructure Availability

“To provide clients with superior service quality in a follow-the-sun model, we rely on Centreon’s flexibility, powerful capabilities and interoperability. We can more easily anticipate anomalies, we can resolve breakdowns more quickly, and we can continuously evolve our monitoring system to meet the needs of our customers.” Mathieu Quéré, REST Solution founder and CEO The […]

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Open Source or Paid IT Monitoring: Which Should It Be?

When it comes to IT monitoring, an incredible diversity of solutions is available. The first broad choice is between an open source or a paid IT monitoring solution. Aside from their development  approach, their acquisition costs are often contrasted. But how can you best compare such diverging models? The TCO (total cost of ownership) is […]

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TCO: The key to choosing an IT monitoring tool

When the time comes to shop for a new IT monitoring solution, you probably drafted a list of criteria to inform the final selection, based on the specs obtained from various stakeholders. How better can you ensure the new solution implementation will be met with success? One of the most important criteria is the solution’s […]

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Three ways to reduce IT monitoring costs

The war in Ukraine and the global rise of inflation have compounding effects on the global economy, which was just starting to recover from the pandemic.  In that context, the topic of cost reduction becomes more pressing every day. Most private and public organizations are deploying measures to protect their business, maintain profitability, and prepare […]

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Monitoring Microsoft Office 365 with Centreon

In this tutorial, we’ll show how Centreon can monitor Office 365 online services. Office 365 is a line of online subscription services offered by Microsoft in their Microsoft Office product suite. Office 365 covers document creation and management, emailing, video conferencing and many more collaboration offerings. Already one of the most widely spread office productivity […]

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Using Centreon Host Discovery to monitor a VMware infrastructure

Centreon, supervision informatique, IT monitoring, tutoriel Centreon, superviser Centreon avec VMware

Laurent Pinsivy, Centreon Product Manager, and Amanda Bankes, MarCom Manager, worked on a step by step tutorial: Using Centreon Host Discovery to monitor a VMware infrastructure.   Cannot read the video? Here is the transcript: Welcome to this tutorial about the Centreon Host Discovery functionality!   In this video, you will learn how to quickly and easily […]

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Monitoring Kubernetes and Docker with Centreon

Centreon, IT monitoring, Docker tutorials, Kubernetes tutorials, how to monitor Kubernetes, how to monitor Docker, Centreon tutorials

In this tutorial we will show how Centreon can monitor a Kubernetes cluster orchestrating Docker containers. Kubernetes is the most popular orchestration solution when it comes to deploying containerized applications and microservices. And Prometheus comes handy as a single point of metrics collection and aggregation for all three levels of your container stack: the individual […]

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How to Troubleshoot TCP Performance for Your SaaS and Cloud Applications

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Dealing With Outdated IT—And Being OK With It

Centreon, IT monitoring, obsolete IT, IBM

“Obsolete” is no one’s favorite word (unless you sell new tech). Yet, we all have to deal with it at some point in the digital transformation journey. There are countless reasons to cling to outdated IT assets—and each more valid than the last. What’s wrong is the “grey” assets that risk impacting security and service […]

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Finally: Much Needed ITOps Visibility into End User Experience

Integration of Accedian’s SkyLIGHTTM PVX NAPM solution into Centreon What would you rather know? That your organization’s infrastructure is running normally? Or That users are experiencing a productive day thanks to optimally delivered IT service? If your answer is “Give me both,” you’ll be thrilled to learn that Centreon EMS is now providing unprecedented insights […]

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Monitoring Microsoft Azure with Centreon

Centreon, IT monitoring, Centreon tutorials, monitoring Microsoft Azure

In this tutorial we’ll describe how Centreon can monitor the resources you’re deploying into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. To make things easier we’ll take an example: how to monitor an Azure Virtual Machine with Centreon? This will walk you through the basics about monitoring Azure services using the Centreon Plugin Packs. From there you’ll […]

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Monitoring AWS with Centreon

IT monitoring, Centreon, AWS, Amazon Web Services, Centreon tutorials

In this tutorial, we’ll describe how Centreon can monitor the resources you’re deploying into the Amazon Web Services cloud platform. The Centreon solution includes multiple plugins to monitor AWS: one plugin per AWS service. At the time of writing, the following AWS services are included in the Centreon Plugin Library: Billing Cloudfront Cloudwatch EBS Elasticache […]

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Industry-grade IT monitoring in a robust open source platform

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Connecting ServiceNow to your Centreon platform

Centreon, IT monitoring, ServiceNow

This post is the first one in a series of two posts describing how Centreon can interface to ServiceNow. Today we’re discussing incident management. Integrating IT Monitoring with IT Service Management The IT Monitoring platform is one of the key elements inside your overall IT Operations environment, alongside the ITSM platform, in charge of Service […]

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Manage Centreon Broker link failures

Centreon Broker is the link between monitoring scheduler and MySQL to store collected data. But Centreon Broker is first of all a multi-input and multi-output manager. What are Centreon Broker’s components? To connect to Centreon central server, the Centreon Engine scheduler loads the Centreon Broker mode “cbmod”. This client is in charge to forward to […]

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